The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and royal trillion


Official correspondence

From a letter to President Vladimir V. Putin of representatives of the Fund AN Gryannika and Yu Dergausova (Appendix 1)

In his memoirs, AN Romanov indicates conversation with the Emperor Nicholas II on placing money abroad. Nicholas II on the prediction of clergy knew of the coming revolution, and its action to withdraw money abroad were in the nature conservation funds to lift Russia and its care and prosperity. And in many states predictions in 2002 - a year of revival of the new Russia to funds of the Russian Empire. According to our data, the number of banks in Europe, U.S. and Japan has funds belonging royal family and the Russian state. Among these banks Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, who formed in 1913, with the money the U.S. Federal Reserve (Provisional 50% of the total assets of the Federal Reserve, at the time of its formation). In addition, the funds were placed in a number of European banks in Sweden, England, Switzerland, France and Germany (Riksbank, Baring Brothers Bank, Swiss Credit, UBS and others).

Refund scheme, the Russian state-owned (Appendix 2)

AN Romanov is the successor of their personal, family and close relatives. Cash flows are estimated at approximately $ 2 trillion. May receive a portion of these funds by the end of this year. AN Romanov - the key legitimate refund after the U.S. Federal Reserve. Twelve banks formed in 1913, the Fed's money belonging to the Russian Empire in the face of Tsar Nicholas II. At present, their approximate commodity coverage is $ 163 trillion. These banks are still the form-building for the rest of the banking system of the world and form the U.S. Federal Reserve. About 50% of this amount belongs to Russia, and the U.S. side is confirmed. For decades the amount of $ 163 trillion. was formed on the Russian seed money. For this reason, the scheme of distribution of funds is their division into two parts. Russia owns 50%, 50% - to banks around the world, of which 25% to 30% will be returned to the law on the division of products, and eventually part of the program will be the shares in the ratio of 25% -30% of the World Bank and 70 - 75% - the Russian side. As a result, a majority remain with the Russian side.

1. Next on the agreement between the Russian side (President, bodies of state power, the fund Romanova) and the U.S. (the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve) State Depository Russia receives the amount of money to run programs. Pay for the program's bank Top 25 (the leading banks in the world) without factory money to Russia.
2. Formed investment projects (IP) and ensure their implementation.
3. Shares with a positive decision on the PI are placed in the State Depository.
4. Presidential Council directs CBR funds to finance IP on the specific terms (chart, reporting).
5. Central Bank under the warranty by issuing U.S. Treasury in the amount of funding FE.
6. U.S. Treasury directs the Fed to allocate money to the large production program, which fills the order for entrepreneurs in Russia.
7. U.S. Federal Reserve instructs bank of the top-25 on the allocation of money and with the U.S. Treasury makes mutual settlements, including write-offs of equity assets.
8. Bank of the top-25 has funded the company.
9. Company executes an order by IP.