Dealing English

in a hole - in a difficult situation:

- To put in a hole - put in a difficult situation worse odds:

Septembers 1.3% drop in industrial production puts fourth-quarter output in a hole. - The September decline in industrial production of 1.3% worsens the chances of the fourth quarter.

in a pickle - in poor condition (literally, "in brine");

in a slump - in decline, depressed;

in deep water - in distress;

in the doldrums - the decline in depression:

Real estate sales have been in the doldrums for some time. - It has been for some time the real estate market is in decline.

in the dumps - depressed (literally "in the dumps"):

But at that time the Mac business was in the dumps and everyone else was running away from Apple. - But at the time of production of the systems McIntosh was in decline, and the rest fled from the company Apple.

lame duck - Ğlame duck" (a measure of the company):

The shipping industry has become a lame duck. - Shipbuilding industry began to limp.

on a shoestring - on the rocks, with small means:

Henry Ford is said to start his business on a shoestring. - It is said that Henry Ford began his business with little money.

- A shoestring budget - a modest estimate or tight budgets;

on the ropes - on the brink of collapse (literally "on the ropes"):

The Denver-based developer was on the ropes because of depressed housing market in Denver, Texas and Arizona. -

Denver developer was on the verge of collapse because of the depressed housing market in Denver, Texas and Arizona.

on the skies - roll down;

out on a limb - in a very difficult situation:

- To go out on a limb - to reach the extreme;

wall: to go to the wall (Fin Reg) - to reach the crash:

A total of 1,776 companies went to the wall in three months to March - a drop of 14 per cent on the first three months of 1999. - For three months, including March of this year, came to a total collapse of the 1,776 companies, up 14 per cent compared with the first three months of 1999.

The answers to the problems:
Task 1: 1 - has 2 - a 3 - a.
Task 2: 1 - junction of (slipped = slipped by); 2 - junction (plunged = plunged by); 3 - set 4 - seam (dropped = dropped by).
Task 3: 1 - a mark-down; 2 - because it stands in the function definition, ie actually is an adjective - "15-punktny", 3 - determination, 4 - stylistic emphasis on the fact of exceeding expectations, 5 - did.
Task 4: three: profit for the year; profit of L450; profit from L351.
Task 5: 1 - business; 2 - show business; 3 - in auto business; 4 - Danish Krone - from Copenhagen; 5 - comfortable.
Task 6: 1 - a - actual goods (on-personal goods), b - actual figures (real numbers), and 2 - a - financial futures (financial futures), b - financial news (financial news), 3 - intangible assets; 4 - a - utility shares (shares of utility companies), b - utility companies (utilities).
1-1) a) grey chips; b) large caps - mid-caps.
1-2) a) weak; b) fry.
1-3) a) casino; b) fat; c) fry
2-1-1) a) passives; b) small-cap stocks; c) loser; d) market loser.
2-2-1) a) municipals = munis; b) zeros; c) agencies.
3.1.): 1) balloon prices; 2) take a plunge; 3) quotes has skyrocketed; 4) buoyant market; 5) buy on a dip; 6) crashed market; 7) take a nose-dive.
3.2.): 1) downtrend; 2) tick down; 3) meltdown; 4) wobbling prices.