Trade rules will ensure your success

144. If astrology worked, all astrologers would be rich.

145. Optimism meant hope for the best, but confidence - that you know how to get the most out of a difficult situation. Do not start if you're just an optimist.

146. Apprehension can trust when it is explained. In other words, to embody the anticipation in the trade, but if you can understand the information that caused apprehension. If you have no such awareness, drop feeling.

147. What would you do - you will go with the crowd or against it, or stay out of the market - first all impartially analyze.

148. Re-evaluate constantly open positions. Ask yourself the same question I would put the money if I had to decide today? Whether this position is moving in that direction, which I outlined for her?

149. Money lost on short-term speculation, much less than the huge sums lost on the investment. Long-term investors - most gamblers: betting, they often wait until the moment when not lose everything. A smart trader will do anything to keep their losses to a minimum.

150. What once was the level of support becomes resistance level. The converse is also true: what was once a resistance level, it becomes a support level.

151. The rule of thumb is that a good trend line should normally be at least three high or low. The more points touches the line, the better the trend.

152. In a bull market sell signals may not work the same way as the bear may not work buy signals.

153. Volume and open interest are as important for the analyst, as the price.

154. The easiest way to determine the direction of the trend - to analyze the previous highs and lows. Increasing the maximum and minimum evidence of increasing trend downward minima and maxima say the decreasing trend.

155. Gaps indicate the continuation of the movement.

156. Despite the fact that the gaps are not always filled, often filled the gap before driving.

157. A State with a lot of bread, has a lot of problems; the state, which has no bread, only one problem (V century Byzantine proverb).

158. Do not buy in a quiet market after growth because small volume of transactions on the rally is actually talking about a bear market.

159. Do not sell in a quiet market after the fall, because the low volume of sales in reality - sverhbychya situation.

160. Lose your opinion, but not money.

161. "Wealth from vanity runs out and collects the works shall increase" (Proverbs).

162. Prices are formed in the minds of the people, not the bean fields: fear and greed can inflate the prices are much higher than the real value of the goods.

163. Trader of the commodity market must clearly understand and address the risk of collapse. Traders are trying to through a great position to solve all problems at once, playing Russian roulette with their capital. Always be alert to the transactions that can destroy your career. Of party you can become an observer.

164. If this is obvious - it is not true.

165. If the market closes lower today, and the next day opens higher, open short position.