Dealing English

- Badly hit - take a pounding: Japan stocks took a pounding (headline). - Japanese stocks have been hit hard.

Rating on the stock (rating on stocks) can have the following haraeteristiki:

«A buy» - we recommend to buy or «a strong buy» - strongly recommend to buy: ... upgraded his rating on IBMHs stocks to a strong buy from buy - ... raised its rating on the stock to IBM "strongly recommended to buy" to "recommend to buy."

Rating action can be reduced (may be downgraded) or increased (may be upgraded). Shares may be rated below average (market performer). In this case, buy stocks with caution, because shares - "on the edge".

Finally, stocks can fall out of favor with investors: fall into disgrace with investors; fall into disfavour with investors; or leave Tabor: fall out of favour with investors.

Exercise 2-1-1.

Insert and / or transfer antonyms:
a) actives - ...;
b) large-cap stocks - ...;
c) gainer (rising action) - ... (falling action);
d) market leader (leader of the increase) - market ... (largest decline)

Podruppa 2-2. Bond and currency bonds are the following idiom:

governments - government bonds (on government bonds);
agencies (US) - sub-federal bonds;
municipals = munis - municipal bonds;
treasuries (UK), treasurys (US) - Treasuries (from treasury bonds);
zeros (preim. US) - nulevokuponnye bonds (of zero-coupon bonds);
high yielder - High Yield Bonds (on yield - yield);
the icing on the cake - more bait (eg, convertible bonds, bonds in the bond loans, letters. "icing on the cake").

Currency idioms are rare and have the character nicknames:
cable - British Pound:
Cable is in for a mixed week. - Pound an intense week.
Bill and Ben - Japanese Yen.

If the exchange rate relative to some foreign currency rises, then the first currency gain ground - succeeds, gaining ground: Sterling has been able to gain some grounds against the dollar over the preceding seven days. - Over the past seven days, Pound was able to achieve some success against the dollar.

Exercise 2-2-1.

Say English abbreviations:
a) municipal bonds;
b) nulevokuponnye bonds;
c) sub-federal bonds.

Group 3. Market dynamics

Subgroup 3-1. Fall-off

The downward trend is indicated - downtrend, decrease - downdraft, falling - downfall. Depending on the rate of fall-off is possible to construct the following series:

a) reduction: downtrend - a downward trend;
downward - downward: - downward move - downward movement; tick down - way down;
b) fall: downturn - reduction, decline; - downturn of profitability - decline of profitability;
c) a sharp decline, recession: plunge down - fall out (eg on the stock price): - take a plunge - plummet; downswing - a sharp decline, decline:
- On downswing - on the decline;
nose-dive - a sharp drop, dive:
- Take a nose-dive - dived;
fall-off - decline:

Recent data suggest a steep fall-off in fourth-quarter growth. - Recent data predict a steep fall in the rate of growth in the fourth quarter.