Dealing English

a $ 3.75 billion flotation - 3.75-milliardodollarovy issue of shares, issue of shares worth 3.75 billion;

a 3 basis point drop - trehpunktnoe decline, falling by three points;

back to early 1997 level - back to the level at the beginning of 1997;

the $ 5.2 billion portfolio - 5,2-billion portfolio;

a $ 1 billion 10 year global led by Merril Lynch - a 10-year global loan of $ 1 billion, organized by Merril Lynch.

The expression «on a 10 to 15 tick rally» - factor is «on a rally» (on the rise), and "10 to 15 tick» - definition (what the rise?). The literal translation of "10-15-tick rise" (ie, the rise in prices of 10-15 steps or "ticks").

In the function definition often act dates:

Hit by aftermath of MexicoHs crisis, last year's turnover in emerging markets slumped to only 63% of its 1994 level. - Losses from crises in Mexico, the turnover in emerging markets fell last year to just 63% from the level in 1994

12. Other types of reduction

Reduction of the Union and in the two homogeneous states.

Union and most often falls in computer communications. For example:

The loss-making engineer will halve the number of models on offer to about 40, cut costs by 15%. - Structural engineering firm losses have halved the number of models offered, to about 40, would cut costs by 15%. (See also the example in Section 7.)

Reduction of the words

Net reduction simply means no complicated truncation from the end. For example:

ad = advertisement - advertising;
ag = agriculture; ag business - agribusiness;
pro = professional - professional;
Aus = Australian - Australian.
Reduction, however, may be due to some other factor, and above all - the end:
Aussie = Australian dollar;
specs = speculators - speculators;
regs = regulations - regulations;
pros and cons = for and against;
building mats = building materails - construction materials;
muni-bonds = municipal bonds - municipal bonds.

Task 5.

Offer your transcript the following reductions:

1) biz; 2) show biz; 3) in autos; 4) Copey; 5) combo; 6) comfy.

Contextual reduction

This kind of reduction applies, first, to ustoyaviesya terminological combinations such as:
convertible bonds = convertibles;
active stocks = actives,
and, secondly, on the nouns that have already been mentioned.

However, a preliminary reference to the case is not always, and the tendency for absolute reduction increases. For example:

Texaco Inc. hiked its net * by 30% to $ 386 million. - Texaco Inc. increased its net profit by 30% - up to 386 million

* This net = net profits.

Reduction is largely due to the fact that of all the expressions that can be employed in this context, only profits regularly used with the net. Similarly:

a global = a global issue - a global issue;

pretax = pretax profits.

Contextual reduction is most common plural nouns: interims = interim results - interim results:

= Interim profits - interim profits; = interim dividends - interim dividends;