The dual nature of the dual form

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Part 1. The phenomenon of inflation

Inflation has a dual nature and origin of the dual form of manifestation and measurement. Diverse understanding and variegated view of inflation, as well as derivatives of the term, requires harmonization of measurement. Without going into an in-depth understanding of the nature of inflation, its causes, and all sorts of speculative paradigms should consider its conceptual interpretation and measurement as an independent phenomenon.

Major shift

In one measure of inflation - is the rise in prices. However, in reality not all inflation - is the rise in prices. And not just in prices - inflation. In another system of measurement - that is the depreciation of money, flood or monetary inflation, the extra money, derivatives, fictitious capital, "bubbles", default, in general, any excess of the amount of money in circulation over the amount of goods.

Inflation - this revaluation, the increase in unemployment, the budget deficit, the militarization of the economy, and the dominance of monopolies and distortions reproduction. Different understandings as neinflyatsiya and factors; inflation, but not deflation, deflation, devaluation and their factors, non-inflationary and non-monetary costs and the reasons for the rise in prices, supply and demand.

Due to the dual nature of the origin, diversity of signs and forms of measurement of inflation and its factors can not be simple. In what context is perceived and measured inflation in Russia today than it fits in and does not meet current standards.

Observation and recording of inflation we have carried out in accordance with Russian law. According to the State Statistics Committee, inflation in Russia in 2003 formally defined at 12%. Against the background of 2002 (15.1%), 2001 (18.6%), 2000 (20.2%) and 1999 (36%) - it is a large positive shift in the economy and life of modern Russia. Expected rate of inflation this year - 10% is regarded as a new frontier of positive changes in our country. Note that the current global inflation background is 6.2%, in the developed countries - 1.7%.

In theory and in reality

In the monetary economy, which is trying to equate the Russian economy and that it is not because of their poverty and scarcity, it's all beginning to curb, and then lower the level, and then is to suppress inflation, that is to stabilize the exchange rate based on the balanced growth prices and cash flow. Equilibrium inflation in the monetary environment - is synonymous with efficient economy, a symbol for success, the only necessary and sufficient to light. So much for the theory, intentions and declarations, such monetary inflation morality.

In fact, inflation and morality is at odds. It is growing in the world and in Russia. The reasons prompting it, do not disappear, even though the demand for it, and partly reduced, but not stopped.

Why is not it because that inflation - is not only and not so much the monetary indicator of success (or failure), but also a powerful tool of economic manipulation, hidden hourly and every minute point of this redistribution of property redistribution is always and everywhere the same wage increases and other Revenue in advance of their appearance in the alleged seizure of democratic prices. The growth of prices under the influence of monetary, objectively determined factors are different, but instead intentionally blurred.