What to do when things go from bad to worse?

Readers who have practical experience in the market, starting with the fact that faced with the question: <What to do when things go from bad to worse?>. For beginners it is definitely yet to come. Because it is - one of the most important for a trader to psychological issues.

The survey showed

Let's first look at what is <very badly> - in understanding the trader. Poll Traders on the subject was held in our UndergroundTrader.com. Here is a partial list of answers:

- <I bought too high>.
- <Not out on foot>.
- <I lost too much money, I could not get enough profit>.
- <Some external force prevented me to go on foot, and now my paper is far, far below>.
- <Am constantly in a state of severe stress>.
- <I tried to get out of a trade and the relationship with the broker violated>.
- <To go long at maximum>.
- <I feel depressed, others make money, and I - no>.
- <Behave properly, but I can not help it>.
- <Do not stop when reaching the daily goals, continued to trade, all missed, ending the day with a minus $ 15,000>.
- <I've got two weeks only negative trades, I'm just desperate>.
- <Repeat the same mistakes>.
- <Unsuccessful trades impact on decision making in the next>.

And this is only a small part. All that we have experienced ourselves repeatedly. And it's all very serious. The American Psychiatric Association considers <Syndrome Day Trader> disorder, addictive. And in the general public at the same time cultivates the idea of trading the most simple way to make money. These allegations are full of a variety of chat rooms and forums for trading - with the obligatory reference to <luck "," guess "," luck> etc. All of these forums as we know very well created exclusively for new customers.

And these new customers come, begin to trade, not really learning anything, and continue to trade despite the loss of money and life. Just because in these forums and chats to them firmly: tomorrow should change.

But tomorrow, nothing changes. And the day after, too. In the end, the only change is that one more <trader> lose all their capital and leave the market. In part, this result occurs because of the lack of proper education and training. Deytreyding - a profession. Well, at least, to do. It can not succeed without a serious effort. Now, with all these considerations <in mind> let's consider again the above survey and answers them in order rassortiruem <severity>.

Technical problems

Technical problems we qualify as the least serious. This category includes responses such as <the computer hangs "," broken relationship with the broker "," electricity is> and the like. Note that these problems are by their nature unpredictable and random. They can cause uncertainty, instant confusion, significant losses, etc., but how to overcome such problems are simple and obvious:

- Always have a back-up channels and systems;
- Given the cost of computer equipment and infrastructure today, it is inexcusable to have a computer with insufficient memory, insufficient network bandwidth, and so on;
- Remember that the loss of even a single transaction can easily outweigh the cost of the equipment necessary for trading.