Dealing English

Specify: 1.K what way is the article «a» to the number 15?

                  2.Pochemu does not use the plural: "15 basis points»?

                  3.How a sentence (subject, complement, or otherwise) is a combination of «day-today»?

                  4.Chem caused by the use of unnecessary regulatory grammar auxiliary verb «did»?

                  5.Chem Russian equivalent to the original particle is "the same" in the expression "yet"?

Task 4.

Granada, the TV and leisure group, is expected to report pretax profit for the year to September 30 of L450 m from L351 last time, on the back of a strong performance mainly from contract catering and television. - It is expected that the "Granada" (television - entertainment group) reported a profit before tax for the year to 30 September in the amount of 450 million pounds, compared with 351 million last year in the wake of high levels mainly in catering and television.

Identify any pretext control word profit?

10. Comparison expressions

- More - more, more; more than - more than;
- Less - 1) at least 2), less, less: less taxes, net of tax;
- Plus - plus more;
- AT least - at least:

Lowes plans to open 200-plus stores annually for at least three years. - "Loes" plans to open more than 200 stores annually for at least three years.

- About - about, about: to about 50 - to about 50; profit of about $ 2 million - a profit of about $ 2 million;

- Around - around about:

Range trading appears to be centered around 1.48, with a slight bias to the donwside. - Trading in the channel seems to be concentrated around the 1.48 mark with a weak bias down.

Many people feel that as it is now possible to get a return of around 30 percent per year from the likes of General Electric, there is no point taking a chance on an unknown name. - Many people feel that since it is now possible to get an income of about 30 percent per year from such firms as "General Electric", it makes no sense to contact an unknown firm.

- Nearly - about, approximately:

Squible said * Tuesday ** its earnings soared nearly ^ 93% in the latest quarter, while Eli Lilly chalked up ^ ^ a 34% increase. - Squible announced Tuesday that its revenues have jumped by about 93% in the last quarter, and Eli Lilly recorded in the active 34-percent increase.

* Reduction of the preposition on (on Tuesday);

Reduction ** copulative that (that), is very common;

* Reduction of the preposition by;

^ ^ "Lawful" no excuse by, so chalk up as a verb is transitive and requires a direct object behind.

- Over - over, over:

profits of over ... - a profit of more than ...;

in over five years - more than five years, or more than five years;

Flag tower is axing over 75 percent of its staff. - Flag tower fires (literally - cut down) more than 75% of its staff.

- Under - below, at least:

in under two years - less than two years.

11. Number as definitions

In accordance with one of the rules for the order of words in the English language, if the word functions as subject or complement, the word that precedes it is a definition: a 10 year bond - the ten-year bond; a five-year old firm - a five-year business;