25 Rules trader: Mantra to work on discipline

Master the methods of entry and their performance - it's like learning to ride a bike. The process of opening and closing is smooth and moves to the level of subconsciousness. Fast and efficient execution of transactions, especially if you skalpiruete, will allow you to make a deal on the bid or the Ofer before competitors. Remember survives quickly.

The third and most important spokes in the "Wheel of Success" - a discipline. If you expect to succeed, without discipline it is not achieved. Trading discipline must be 100% of the time - in every transaction, every trading day.

Below are given 25 Rules to strengthen trading discipline, repeat them always. You must be disciplined to do their work over and over again, tune to it. Do you want to - believe it - no, but many of my customers read through these rules before each trading day. It takes no more than three minutes. Think of it as exercise - prayer, it reminds you of how to behave during the trading session.

Number one market pays disciplined.

Disciplined trading will bring you more money than take away. On the market you can say the only true thing: discipline = higher profits.

Number 2 BE disciplining every day, in every transaction, AND THE MARKET FOR THAT repay. But do not say that you are trading disciplined, if it is not even 1% of the time.

Discipline in the market is crucial. But this is not the case when you say that you throw, for example, smoking. If you all say throw and shoot themselves on a cigarette, it is evident that the habit you have not got. If you are making a disciplined 9 trades out of 10, neither of which discipline is out of the question. To spoil the result of the trading day rather undisciplined one transaction. Discipline must be present in every transaction.

When I say that "the market will reward you for it," here we mean the following: you are closing a losing trade with a smaller loss than stubbornly holding deal until it is empty your account. So, if I lose on the deal $ 200, not $ 1,000, if not shut it before, then you can say that I "saved" $ 800 in the future, quickly closing a losing trade.

3 ITEMS always reduced if the trade goes bad.

All good traders follow this rule. Why continue to lose positions on five lots (contracts), if you can save money simply by reducing the amount of the next deal? If I happen two consecutive losing trades, then the next item, I always reduce to a minimum. If, however, the following two are profitable, the transaction volume increases to normal.

Imagine that you are player who misses two consecutive times on goal. But next time you simply loosen the force of impact to just set up the sight and reach the target. The same applies to trading: reduce the amount of the transaction, earn on it a couple of points (or even play into the black), but after two such deals you can increase your lot.

4 Do not let a profitable trade BECOME unprofitable.

We all once so broke that rule. And should we have a worthy goal - to work so as not to disturb it in the future. This is about a factor of greed. Market was turn to you and went where you would expect, but a small profit you do not like. And you keep the deal in the hope that the price is still going on, as you had expected, but the market turns around and goes against you. Naturally, you begin to waver, and the deal, meanwhile brings greater and greater losses.