The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and royal trillion

After that press conference was filmed for television movie, as a cornucopia poured numerous interviews and comments in the press. The hype was raised not because of the empty case. Soglasno documents preserved in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the king's money is in the accounts in the UK, France, USA, Japan, Germany and Italy. The total amount for the current assessment, amounts to about $ 400 billion.

Most of the money was in the West to buy weapons during World War II. Money transferred as collateral for future military supplies. However, due to the revolution of supply so no one saw. Particularly egregious case is that of the now world famous American company Dupon Chemical.

Plant construction thresh making the invention of smokeless powder D. Mendeleyev imperial government sent gold and securities in the amount of $ 2.5 billion (in current prices). However, a single shell was delivered, did not return the money back, and the formula was just the periodic assigned.

Such facts are well documented. However, the majority of Russian debt, such as Britain and France, settled novoreformatorskim government on the "zero option." Also, do not quite understand the story of the U.S. Federal Reserve, which they say the Foundation in a letter to the Russian President. And wonder where did the astronomical two trillion dollars?

On the other hand, the world knows about thirty grand duchesses Anastasius. Specifically to test the "daughters of Lieutenant Schmidt" at the Bank of Geneva service was established for the identification, examination of which has not been able to sustain any of former candidates. Some of them did not even speak in Russian, explaining that as a result of high levels of stress have completely forgotten his native language.

Anastasia newfound exceeded one hundred years old, and in Russian, she said. Up until recently, she lived in the glorious city of Tbilisi, where she found a curious historian Alexander Gryannik. Founders Fund claim they had twenty-two expertise that confirm that this is the "correct" Anastasia Romanov, Grand Duchess, but very old.

I must say, I - amateur in medical examinations, but for the sake of curiosity, looked through the materials on the identification of Anastasia Romanova and Natalya Bilihodze. Cancer Research Center of Ministry of Health of Georgia revealed a general shape of the face in Romanova and Bilihodze, available as cheekbones and cheeks.

All of these "signs of conditional characteristic of one and the same person." In an act of psychological evaluation stated that Bilihodze uses the momentum as the "darling" and "cheeks", on the basis of which we can say that it is certainly the daughter of Nicholas II. In addition, it is stated the fact that Natalia Bilihodze inherent "Romanov" impulsivity, the need to assert himself and exaltation. DNA analysis of the Grand Duchess refused.

Most recently in the press flashed that Natalia Bilihodze rested in the Lord, and DNA analysis showed that no it is not the princess. However, other sources later said that she was not going to rest, and others - which rested the same, but the body in the coffin was not. In short, the story twisted ...