Dealing English

Exercise 3.2.

Make the right choice:
1) a downward trend:
a) downfall, b) downdraft, c) downtrend;
2) go down (idiom:
a) move down, b) go down, 3) tick down;
3) collapse, collapse (prices or market prices):
a) meltdown, b) breakdown, c) downturn;
4) galloping prices:
a) fluctuating prices, b) wobbling prices, c) ticking prices.

Group 4. The financial position of firms

This topic has been dozens of idioms. Some of them describe a stable position of the company, for example:

to fare well - fare well: Faring well were companies whose profits can benefit most from quicker growth.

- Well feel those companies whose profits could benefit the most from higher growth.

back on the road - back in the saddle again, in a way;

back on the track - back on the road.

The rest of the mass idiom describes bad situation of companies in different variations. The material presented below is for the convenience of in alphabetical order:

ailing company - «sick» the company;

at a low ebb - in decline:

- At the lowest ebb - in extreme decline;

bankrupt: to drive into bankruptcy - to bankrupt:

- To go / fall bankrupt - fail;

- Near bankrupt - predbankrot;

belly-up - belly up:

- To go belly-up (Fin Reg) - ruin (literally "float belly up");

block: to be on a block (Fin. slang)

- Be on the block, to crash (literally, "to be on the chopping block," one of the meanings of block):

On-again, off-again rumors that Lehman Brothers is on the block are well, on again. - Then there is, then disappearing rumors that Lehman Brothers are on the chopping block again on everyone's lips.

- To go to the block - get on the block, fail;

- To put / place on an auction block - the block put on the auction;

broke - collapse: to go broke - collapsed;

bust - Razor: to go bust - splurge, go to the Razor;

to crash into liquidation (Fin Reg) - crash and liquidated, "thunder" in liquidation;

dead in the water (invest.) - hopelessly fall:

Precious metals will be less exciting. Gold is dead in the water - and likely to stay that way. - The market of precious metals becomes less interesting. Gold fell hopelessly and seems to remain in this position.

downhill: to go downhill - roll down;

to go under = to go underwater - drowning;

flat on the back - on the blades:

A low ratio means a low price, and often a stockHs price is low for a good reason: a company could be flat on its back, with no chance of revival. - A low ratio means a lower price, and often the price of the shares is low for good reason: the company may be on the blades with no chance of revival.

in a bind - bound (literally "caught in the cycle"):

We cant issue any more stocks, because government has us in a bind. -. S can no longer issue any shares, because the government we have tied hand and foot.

in a box - is in trouble, in trouble;

in a fix - in a difficult situation, in a vice:

In a fix over the Swiss frank: a superstrong Swiss frank caused a deflationary spiral in the economy. - In the grip of the Swiss franc, the Swiss franc has caused cverhsilny deflationary spiral in the economy.