Dealing English

No. 2 spot in French telecom. - Second place in the French telecommunications.

Big Three - ęBig Three" (in the American automotive industry, or (rarely) in the tobacco industry)

bottom five - the bottom five (companies in the stock ticker);

top five - the top five (companies whose shares are grown);

Big Seven - the country's "Big Seven";

at sixes and sevens - at random, wrong;

at the eleventh hour - at the last moment;

zero - zero coupon bond;

in year one - in the first year:

This shows that in year one the bank will be making two fixed rate payments but will have no fixed rate receipts. - This shows that in the first year, the bank will make two payments at a fixed rate, but will not receive any.

9. Ways of implementing comparison

Classical methods

The classic way to compare numerical data were the basis for the creation of expressions of the second and following generations, do they fade out of use:

on a like-for-like basis - compared to the same period last year (still used occasionally);

on a year-on-year basis - compared to the same period last year (almost out of use)

From classic expressions formed by the first, second, etc. derivatives:

- Like-for like [sales]; in the like quarter of 1999 - in the same quarter in 1999;

- On the month-on-month basis = month-on-month = on the month - compared to the previous month; week-on-week; year-on-year; day-on-day = on the day:

The December contract rose more than a full point from Thursday's closing price, to hit a peak of 102.71; it eventually settled at 102.56, a rise of 0.82 on the day. - The December futures contract rose more than a full point compared with the closing price, which was installed on Thursday, mastered the peak of 102.71, and in the end it settled at around 102.56, up 0.92 from the previous day.

UK January M4 money supply rose 0.4 pct on the month. - M4 money supply increased in January in the UK by 0.4% compared to the previous month.

- On a last year = on a year earlier - compared to last year; over the previous week - compared with the previous week;

- Month-to-month profit - profit compared with the previous month.

Prepositions are used for comparison

- From: from a year ago, from the year-ago quarter:

The underlying rate was up 29% from a year ago. - The base rate was 29% higher than a year ago.

... An increase of 4% from the yearago quarter. - ... An increase of 4% compared to the same quarter last year.

- In ... from ...:

The costs are estimated to have fallen 9 pct to $ 1.35 bn in 1999 from 1998. - Costs are estimated to have fallen in 1999 by 9% to 1.35 billion, compared with 1998

- On: on a year earlier = on year:

up to 1,8% on year - rose to 1.8% compared with last year:

IBM says that shipments were up 15 per cent on last year. - IBM said that shipments increased by 15 percent compared to last year.

Problem 3.

The downward move did, however, surpass our expectations, with more than a 15 basis point day-to-day markdown. - Downward movement, however, exceeded our expectations, leading to a reduction of more than 15 basis points compared to the previous day.