Dealing English

Three-element set:

blue chips - grey chips - little guys - blue chips and large companies - gray chips and mid-sized companies - small companies;

large caps - mid-caps - small caps - micro caps - large companies - medium-sized companies - small companies - a very small company;

(Large caps = large capitalization companies - companies with high market capitalization, and the remaining two members of the set have the same second part);

Large enterprises are represented by the following idiom:

biggies - Krupnyakov (most recently appeared singular - biggy);

majors - grants, large companies (preim. oil and rating);

- Oil majors - the oil majors, large oil companies;

- Big oils - the big oil companies;

- Big Tobacco - Big Tobacco, the big tobacco companies;

- Big Blue - Large bluish Corporation IBM;

heavyweights - heavyweights;

- City heavyweights - heavyweights of the City;

- Heavyweights from Wall Street - heavyweights of Wall Street;

- Behemoths - financial leviathans, the big banks (literally hippos).

Small firms are not spoiled idioms. Besides the already mentioned small caps and little guys (read [gaiz]) are also used:

small fry - fry, small fry;

minnows - small fish, small fry.

Long-term investor and the investor-speculator have their own idioms:

strong hands (invest.) - a long-term investor (holding securities in the hands of long-term investment purposes, letters. strong hands);

weak hands (invest.) - investor-speculator (sells securities at every opportunity to make a profit; letters. weak hands).

Also has its own nickname buyer cheap stocks:

bottom fisher - seeker of cheap stocks (literally demersal fisherman)

- Bait for bottom fisher - bait for the buyer cheap stocks: A maker of mainframes and workstation systems and provider of information services to 60,000 customers in over 100 countries, UNISYS has started to attract bottom fishers. - Manufacturer of mainframe computers and workstations and information service provider 60.000 customers in more than 100 countries, UNISYS begun to attract the attention of buyers of cheap stocks. Risky players (casino society) and the fat cats (fat cats) are also market participants.

Exercise 1-1.

Insert the missing members of the series:
a) blue chips - ... - ... - little guys;
b) ...... s - ...... s - small caps

Exercise 1-2.

Insert the missing term in the series:
a) strong hands - ...... (investor and speculator);
b) biggies - small ...

Exercise 1-3.

Complete the translation into English:
a) risky players - ... society;
b) fat cats - ... cats;
c) small fry - small ...

Group 2. Money market instruments

Most in idioms are stocks to a much lesser extent - bonds and single example - other instruments.

Subgroup 2-1. Stock

In neutral English action indicated by the words stocks, share and equities. It must be borne in mind that these words are also other important financial values:

stock - a) supply, inventories b) the share capital;