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Today, the company «Water House Capital», offers you a training program of the "new generation." Amount of technology: psychology and technical analysis. "Wolfe Waves" and "new" vision of the market. A training seminar for those who cares ...

As is well known, successful trading is 90% of the emotions and psychology, and by 10% - from the technology. This does not mean that you can not study and analyze the market. But even the best trading systems - with their best signals and indicators - will be seriously undermined if the "mental" side of your trade is not effective enough.

Trading - a study on their own practical experience. And no errors are not enough, because in the world, error-free system or indicator does not exist. But we know one essential component that does not depend on your time frame, options, trading style or experience - is discipline.

Without discipline, the trader is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve success. The key to the acquisition of discipline - self-discovery. You have to be honest with you on matters relating to risk perception and ability - mentally - to cope with stress related to trade, especially with its results - losses and gains.

In turn, the effectiveness of technical analysis, as a rule, is not available for an exclusive set of instruments and grants of trading strategies, and in a simple and user-interpretation of the market situation. In the "classics" of technical analysis are practically no methods, developing skills "vision" of the market. Diagrams and pictures, unfortunately, reflect the principles of the "working" models. The market, in turn, exposes the very real for payment account. Market execution of graphical models for the majority, and remains a Chinese puzzle.

"Wolfe Waves" reflect the natural rhythm of the changes in price that exists in all markets. They reflect the balance between supply and demand balance and the balance of power between the "bulls" and "bears". This is especially true for futures. Where the underlying asset - is, as a rule, goods or raw materials, ie projection of real "in the nature of things."

"Wolfe Waves" are similar to ocean waves. Little big wave follows wave. Trader acts like surfers. He is waiting for conditions to form large waves and comes in the market, when a wave was generated. To "catch" the wave takes practice. Experimental study is needed. Individually or in the community - this is a matter for each. Under the guidance of a specialist or "between the lines" graphic stories - and to choose. The main thing is that the graphical model Wolfe does give the opportunity to the amazing accuracy to predict the market. For this reason, when used correctly, "Wolfe Waves" can be extremely effective.

Developed by the company «Water House Capital» educational product, is unique in the field of targeted training for trade on the exchange. The seminar will be of interest both to beginners who want to improve their skills to traders. We invite you to participate in a project that will provide recognition of the skills of one of the most effective graphical models in market performance - "Wolfe Waves" and the ability to allow trade to cope with chaos. Psychology in collaboration with technical analysis. The amount of technology that will help you do things that can not make the market more.