The saga of the first bonus for Soviet speculation

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The big problem - trust banks to each other. But what if we have laws not only poorly written, but does not always work? It seems to be to hire an experienced and expensive lawyers to insure the risk, but that it came to court - so what? Or the court makes a strange decision or judgment no one is going to do.

Our banking system is different and underdevelopment, so to speak, nedokapitalizirovannostyu. Banks can not provide loans in the amounts needed by large industrial enterprises. Banks must engage in serious banking activities, increase its capital and not "scroll" money.

SF: How do you escape from the Central Gerashchenko? You do seem to ever work for a long time under his leadership in various banks, including the International Moscow Bank?

ST: Doubly appreciate. Gerashchenko - a great administrator, experienced, intelligent man with a good sense of humor. I really worked under him and Vneshtorgbank USSR, and several years in the International Moscow Bank. This is a man of great endurance, strong-willed, level-headed. Like no other, can in a difficult situation to calm the staff, especially the young and young, tell them the way out of a difficult situation, to help and advise you. And it keeps blow! I remember four years ago when Viktor worked in IMB, celebrated his birthday - sixty. For several days did not bother to work. To him congratulating all of the office is built, as once in the mausoleum. And he took every, every attention, after spending all this time on my feet. But as the years take their toll. The work of the Central Bank requires tremendous tension around the clock. Need to start thinking about health. Although he and the physical and moral strength has always lacked. Gerashchenko - banker of high class, and almost every bank will be happy to see him at home.

SF: What is your attitude to the reform of the Bank of Russia, in a partial loss of its independence from the authorities?

ST: Careful. Everything connected with the activities of the Central Bank - is understandable. Understand the degree of responsibility of the institution and its management. Clear who is responsible for what. And all that is associated with the National Banking Council - until the fog, very uncertain. Responsibility is blurred, not clear. So judge for yourself.

SF: You almost thirty years in the banking sector ... It is time for a hobby after intense hard work?

ST: I have spent my life working in banks. For ten years, until 1984 - Vneshtorgbank USSR, then two years in the International Bank for Economic Cooperation, followed by five years left in the "OstVest Handels Bank", and on his return he was invited to the IMB. As you can see, I have remained true to himself and banking.

Hobby? I love music. Just listen to it can often only in the car. I love Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, choral motet. Recently often hear Cecilia Bartoli. Transcriptions of serious love of music, such as Mozart and Vivaldi, contemporary jazz and pop musicians ...

During the financial crisis, I had a heart attack and a heavy heart surgery. But every cloud has a silver lining. Now I feel so good that took up skiing. Once or twice a year for a week or have to select the Austrian Alps, the benefit of know German well.