The dual nature of the dual form

Can not be neglected

A similar scheme can be adjusted with the inflation increase bank interest rates or unemployment. It is easy to show that, given the now-covered components - in particular, the inflation caused by the excessive growth of prices of education, health, sports, transport and communication, utilities, construction and real estate, brokerage, etc. - The estimates of inflation and may have to be substantially modified in the direction of their improvement.

In the context of the above considerations naturally raises the question: can the published estimates of inflation and leave without further additions and accept, without adjustment?

Our answer is simple: the facts significant differences between estimated and actual inflation estimates require serious analysis. These facts are so far not adequately reflected in the estimates of inflation. Existing assessments artificially low in some cases and by some of the causes and inflated in others for other reasons, require corrections and additions.

Neglect of Calculation fundamentally impossible, because all social indicators - pensions, nominal wages and other income, the consumption of goods and services, refinancing, stock ticker, etc. - Must be adjusted to the revised values, which in absolute value, as a rule, more than actually claimed indicators of inflation. In addition, for each of these components should be assessed and to use their consumer price indices are significantly different in this country, for example, for seniors, the middle class and the rich.

Should be adjusted

Equating inflation to consumer price index, State Committee on Statistics (March 2004 - Federal State Statistics Service), in fact, is doing. It is not clear why the index of price growth Goskomstat in publications and in other reports called inflation index, which he in fact is not. It is even more clear why this index, which is calculated in fact differentiated by social groups of the population, not published in the same format and, therefore, is not used as an important tool of social regulation and social protection of pensioners and other poor people, for whom he definition is and what it should do for you?

Why, for example, approved by the Russian government and the differential cost of living in clearly different structure (the basket) consumption of the poor, the middle class and the rich variety of directional increase in consumer prices is indexed as equally important (in 2003, on average, as noted by 12 %). After all, increasing the echo of the same consumer prices for seniors, the poor, the middle class and the rich, not to mention those who are below the poverty line, will obviously be very different.

The situation can and must be corrected. Do not adjust the social indicators for real inflation indexes - then go on to select bits of the pensioners, the elderly, disadvantaged children continue to mislead and kept in the dark all that in an enlightened society is not only unacceptable, but also immoral. All this must be done through legislation - not only because of the demands of democracy, but also because of consumer awareness and perception: the people perceive and react indignantly to a real increase in prices, and not on an abstract for a rise in inflation.

In short, the rise in prices and a drop or rise in the ruble should be measured and provide a more transparent and accurate profile of its respondents. Otherwise inevitable biased estimates of inflation and untargeted, incompetent social events. A proper inflation, its indexes and all the wisdom of their calculation should be left to measure the depreciation of money for what it is, in fact, that's invented and what it is, strictly speaking, that's a direct relationship.