Immunization open position

You can wait for the USD / JPY rate is again testing the upper limit of the price band, in the case of a false breakdown can take a short position (a sneak peek at what's going on even smaller sweep time - say, 15 minutes). By 1200 it became clear that the exchange rate can not break the 126.50 level and make a rally. In this case, by the second peak (126.55), located well below the first (126.70), which will amplify the need to urgently go to the short positions in the second sub-account. As a result of selling 1 million USD / JPY rate at 126.30.

Now, apparently, you can breathe easy, our first position immunized against unwanted adjustments. But the great fear begins to cause a short position opened against the current trend. At such times, have to keep an eye on the monitor. This position remained until 2000 12/13/01 (see figure on the net 60 minutes). Although, as later became clear already in 1700 it was necessary to close this position - and as soon as possible. It was only when he was overcome with confidence level of 126.50 (the mechanical system is painted green bar, and all the technical indicators shown above), it was decided to close the short position, but with a loss of (price 126.62).

As can be seen, a long position in the first run safely hold up to 14/12/01 inclusive on the day ended with the formation of the unfolding of the fifth wave Elliott up, all presented in Figure technical indicators together show up. On a scale of 60 minutes mechanical system also draws all the bars green, confirming the selection of open positions.

It is known that after the fifth Elliott wave ABC correction is complete study of the course to the level of the 4th wave (in this case, the target of a possible correction - 166.00). In order not to miss the start of the corrective movement, turn to sweep 15 minutes.

The figure shows the graphs of USD / JPY 15 minutes and 60 minutes at 000 12/14/01. We see that on a scale of 60 minutes is the decline in prices, which is natural, as the market significantly overbought.

The mechanical system is still recommended to keep a long position on a trend that is also confirmed by the MACD and the behavior of curves mA (21) and mA (5). 15 minutes on the net formed intermediate wave 3, after which we should expect a small correction to the target 127.00. SSK curve from the overbought crossed SSD curve down, thereby submitting a bearish signal. While another oscillator - MACD, continues to demonstrate the superiority of the market bulls.

With such a strong potential bull is dangerous to leave in short positions, but in our case, is a profit on the first run, there is a desire to protect the partially positive attitude, so on the second run selling 0.5 million USD / JPY 127.30 and costs. The subsequent course of events is shown in the figure. At the interval of 15 minutes after a small correction (formation of intermediate wave 4) continued uptrend. However, the stochastic indicator all the time filed a bearish signal. To 330 12.14.01 on it completed the formation of the second peak, significantly lower than the first, thus delineated signal a bullish divergence.