The system of "dynamic portfolio speculator"

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The purpose of creation and system design

The system of "dynamic portfolio speculator» (Dynamic Portfolio Speculator, DPS) is created in order to facilitate the work of the trader. It is designed to solve the basic problems beginners and unsuccessful: the selection of shares, the timing of the transaction and the allocation of capital.

We have tried to incorporate all the most famous traders experience. Analyzed the mistakes and successes. Oddly enough, even an experienced trader list of errors is greater than the right thing. The conclusion from observations were amazingly simple: you can win, and do so quite easily, if done correctly. It remains to be programmed right actions and wrong to refuse.

The program is made by traders for traders and can also be used as a basic tool for learning and work portfolio managers. The program consists of several parts (see block diagram below). The Regulations specify the following technology work: the selection of candidates in the general list, creating a list for the day, open item management, capital allocation, protection of profit. All this is done in a single process cycle. More precisely, the two cycles: one (daily) holds the trader and the second (quarter) - Analyst. The separation of duties is also part of the technology. Why do I need to work a trader resembled conveyor and contained a limited ability to self-activity - it becomes clear after reviewing the standard error of traders.

An important point of the organization is that the analyst performs the function controller (risk manager), ie daily checks execution trader rules. With the help of the developed program one risk manager can monitor the work of 10 traders.

Principles of construction

The system of "dynamic portfolio speculator" is built on classic principles of technical analysis (TA). We proceeded from the assumption that a reliable system should be simple and as little as possible to rebuild. Fundamental analysis and news analysis are used. By axiom TA all the information about the action lies in its price.

We added this axiom is the assumption that, under certain conditions, the dynamic changes in the price remains. The conditions of the Programme of signal generation, very simple: the position is opened as soon as the moving average turns. This uses the fact that the price at the time of reversal, usually crosses the moving average. The sequence of actions for managing the trader refer to figures. It is rather simple: the position is enhanced when it is winning, and closes when losing.

The principle of the portfolio management is also simple: at each moment portfolio should be as balanced in terms of capital invested in the long and short positions.

The trick - in the strict discipline of the trader: It is forbidden to open or hold position against the trend. And, of course, in the selection of a list of stocks: quarterly analyst selects the specific criteria for the list of 100 stocks, which then runs a trader. The last phase in the selection of an experienced trader involved. Trader makes transactions every day in the middle of trading. An experienced trader managing a portfolio takes about an hour. At the same time it can not lead to the failure of the five portfolios. The system is called "Dynamic portfolio speculator", because the connection to a position based on the dynamics of prices. In fact, this speculation with a time period of 20 days. The result is a not an investment, and speculative portfolio.