Trade rules will ensure your success

Sergei Pushinsky, who lives in Chicago, worked as a broker in the U.S. firm Refco Group. Based on years of practice, he developed a set of trading rules. Visiting last summer organized by CQG seminar in Moscow, he shared his experience in trading with all the participants.

1. Plan your trade and trade the plan.

2. Hope and fear - two worst enemy speculator.

3. Record the results of trading.

4. Keep a positive attitude, regardless of the size of the losses.

5. Do not think about the market at home and at play.

6. Excessive secrecy can be your biggest enemy. Beware of it.

7. Constantly put forward more high trading purposes.

8. Foot - the key to the success of many traders. Limit your losses.

9. A successful trader - is someone who trades for a long time.

10. Successful traders buy on bad news and sell at good.

11. A successful trader is not afraid to buy when prices are high and sell low.

12. A successful trader always takes the time to study the market.

13. A successful trader sets the profit margin for each trade.

14. Not collect the opinions of others in front of the market - the facts are priceless opinions are not worth anything. A successful trader isolates himself from outside influences.

15. Constantly strive for patience, restraint, certainty and rational behavior.

16. Never get out of the market just because you have had enough, and do not come just because you're tired of waiting.

17. Do not remove the stop loss during trading.

18. Do not go into the market and do not come out of it too often.

19. The most powerful tool of trade - a simple trend following.

20. Do not change its position on the market without good reason.

For the transaction to be a good reason or a developed plan, so do not get out of the market if there is no clear signal of change of trend.

21. Speculator taught loss, not profit. Use every loss for the study of the principles of the market.

22. The keys to success in investing: aspiration, persistence, thoroughness and hard work.

23. The most difficult thing in the speculator is not prediction but self-control. Successful trading - is difficult, and it often leads to disappointment. You - the most important element in success.

24. The main factor price movements - human emotion. Panic, fear, greed, insecurity, desire, uncertainty and stress - all factors of short-term price changes.

25. Bullish Consensus peaks at the time when the market forms a peak. Also, there is always some strong bulls in an important bottom.

26. Discipline yourself by following a pre-defined trading rules.

27. Follow spread. For example, do not play on the rise, if the spread narrows.

28. Remember that a bear market one month fully eat three gains of the bull market.

29. Calculate the determining factor for each instrument. Be ready to change the main factor.

30. Every day, make a list and bearish bullish factors for each instrument. If you can make a list of only the bullish factors, watch for bear, as they always have, and they can expand the market. And vice versa.