Collective financial intelligence

For those who are planning to raise capital in a relatively short period of time, there is the following logic of events: investing in stocks and an independent trade in the stock market.

Online Trading

Experts note that the dynamics of online trading in Russia is very high: more and more players go into the stock on-line.

Internet trading - it is an opportunity to earn by trading in securities on the stock exchange over the Internet. To purchase available shares the most famous and large Russian companies.

Now if you want to become a participant in the market do not need much - a computer, an Internet connection and, of course, start-up capital.

Become an online trader is simple: you have to come to the brokerage, contract, deposit a certain amount to your account to access the system and begin your trip on-line investor.

It must be remembered that the investor - this is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. In addition to the skills of trade on the exchange, which can be obtained in the course of work, the trader must possess analytical skills and truly encyclopedic knowledge of what is going on in the world to keep track of events in the country and abroad. In trading on the Internet succeed, the Conservatives and the people who are inclined to take risks, but they use different strategies to trade different types of securities.

For those who dare

For those who do not like to "go into the water, not knowing ford 'offer to train at the training deals. For example, "Aton-Line" (see gives everyone the opportunity to connect to the demo version of the trading system, which is entirely true and complete copy of "combat" system of Internet trading. Simply complete the short form, or register online broker, download the program to your computer - and you can begin.

New on the market

To help the novice and professional participants of "Aton-Line" has launched a new and unique service to provide background material - "Aton-Line Navigator" ("Navigator").

Details of the service told us the director of operations of the company stock "Aton" Sergei Rybakov.

- What is the "Navigator" and for whom it is intended?
"Aton-Line Navigator" - a short and simple advice on stock market transactions (purchase, sale), which are prepared by professionals. "Navigator" is intended for all categories of investors. For private investors - a "landmark in the sea of finance." Traders and professional money managers can use the service, supported by an opinion in making trading decisions.

- How can I get advice on buying and selling stocks?
To use the "Aton-Line Navigator" to subscribe to a site or by calling the toll free number common to all regions of Russia: 8-800-777-88-78. And you'll get the option of your recommendations any ways: SMS, email, ICQ, in the trading system "Aton-Line" and the site section - "Navigator".

- How to make recommendations than justified?
- Decisions are made based on fundamental, technical, news, a factor analysis with the risk control based on the experience of asset management. We monitor the financial markets in the on-line, assess the current state of the stock market, the direction of its development, the risk of long-term and short-term speculative investment decisions. Done a great job, gained a unique knowledge base, the methodology of making investment decisions, creating a unique set of algorithms make recommendations.

- How many private investor can earn, and for what period of time?
- First of all, you can not talk in terms of absolute values, it is better in terms of profitability. Second, the various trading strategies in different periods will show different results. Even past performance can not guarantee obtaining a profit in the future. "Aton-Line Navigator" in its recommendations to the optimal use of the risk / profit. In formulating recommendations, we have set a goal of 30-50% per annum.

- What is the minimum amount you can bid using "Aton-Line Navigator"?
- The minimum score - 30 thousand rubles, the maximum - not limited. Recommendations of the "Navigator" is directly dependent on your strategy, your priorities, your goals, resources and attitude to risk.

- How long after the arrival of a message to make a deal?
- Again, this depends on the method of investment: for speculative strategy - preferably immediately, with a conservative - a delay of 10-15 minutes is unlikely to affect the results of the auction. The stock market does not always move quickly, and the situation when the market runs away from you is not all that often.

- What actions will come recommendations?
- According to the most liquid shares of the largest Russian companies ("blue chip"), including Gazprom.

- In the stock market there are analogues of "Navigator"?
- The Russian stock market this service unique. In Western markets, we could not find dramatically different.