On intraday trading, or scalp as it is

After that, switch to a 5-minute chart and perform the same analysis as in the previous chart. All conditions for the sale must be met:

- S.Stochastic in any case should not be oversold;

- Parabolic must be under the "protection", and if the location of the SAR below candles candlestick analysis of this time period should definitely talk about the beginning of their movement in the direction of the SAR, as the absence of this condition can lead to a floating loss (rollback) immediately after a short position;

- SS should be tilted down.

Only in the case where the analysis of all the above chart shows that it is possible to open a short position, switch to a 1-minute chart and find the entry point.

It is necessary to wait for the situation where S.Stochastic shows overbought zone or close to it. Parabolic should be under the candles. When the trader waited such a situation, that is, defined entry point, he instructs the broker to sell.

Closing a Position

Closing a position in the reverse order. Trader analyzes graphs from 1 minute to 15 minutes, which is the most short-term, as in that order, begin to work indicators that prompt him when to close a position.

At the 1 minute chart 65 SS turns away from its bearish direction and becomes the horizon, and 18 SS tends to cross the "golden cross" that the 4 and 9, while the SS had already shown.

MACD at this time must show a purchase, or its signal line must cross the moving average of the MACD line and start a disagreement with her in different directions.

S.Stochastic be oversold and starting way out of it (point 3). DMI shows a purchase (point 4). Parabolic same should still be above the candles, but no longer under the "protection", or closer to the exit from the "protection".

If there is a situation we are dealing with the beginning of a rollback and dilution indicators. However, we still do not know if this will be a short-term pullback (within 1-minute chart), or it will go deeper (in price and temporal sense). For this purpose, switch to a 5-minute chart. If there is a Parabolic 'protection , MACD does not bode purchases are not near the level of support, the Japanese candles do not give a turn signal, and the display is not seen convergence - the rollback will be short on time and the price up.

If the 5-minute chart of the Parabolic is not under "protection", and the display is seen convergence, roll back to a 1-minute "catch" the 5-minute and will take longer time and deeper into the price movement. Analysis of 10 - and 15-minute chart is similar to the 5-min. If there will be prerequisites to the return run, it means that a rollback on the 5 minute chart to "hook" the 10-minute, and that, in turn, is 15 minutes, and begin something like a chain reaction. When there is such a pattern, it is necessary (in the beginning back at 1-minute chart) instruct the broker to close the contract. Otherwise, it may result in partial or complete (if later it becomes clear that this is a reversal of the trend) loss of floating profit. This method of trading for short periods of time (with a deposit of $ 5,000 and at the opening of contracts in several lots) can get pretty impressive profits.