Gold dinar - a new tool of globalization?

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In the summer of 2001, according to <Utusan Express Malasia>, Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, announced his intention to hold a workshop to discuss the draft of the Islamic gold dinar as the new global currency. Attended the seminar two people Rais Umar Ibrahim Vadilo (Rais Umar Ibrahim Vadillo) and Sheikh Abdalgadir as-Sufi (Shaykh Abdalgadir as-Sufi), and which can be considered as the creators of the idea of the revival of the gold dinar. Rais Umar said at the seminar: <Boating gold dinar in Malaysia - it is the same normal as production in South Africa krugerandov (gold coins), but then, you might be able to create a single currency for the one billion Muslims>. Then he added: "Golden in itself - is not a promise to pay gold - is a product seller, who is worth in itself and will not be inflation. Unfortunately, gold is now estimated in paper currencies. Gold independent from itself and not from the political authorities credit>.

Then, more than a year ago, Rais Umar evaded questions about possible concrete steps to introduce the gold. But his companion Abdalgadir Sheikh al-Sufi said the public more <Malaysians, to the great joy to have a good leader - Dr Mahathir, who knows what the manipulation of paper currency>.

Such statements about the properties of gold in the spirit of Columbus can not but alarm the public, and in Islamic countries as well. At first glance, the philosophy Raisa Umar in the beginning of the XXI century is strange. But a more detailed situational analysis should be noted: the gold standard - it's just an excuse to revise relations and parities created European civilization. Raisa Umar depth philosophy is that it is designed to protect the interests of the countries with a good source of raw materials, which are united by one religion and the rich traditions of antiquity. So he goes on the achievements of European civilization, offering the first place to not technology, and raw materials, as well as an assessment tool selects the gold, which in itself is quite close to the raw materials. In our opinion, the genius of philosophy Raisa Umar is the selection of the components for his theory. Here you can talk about the creation of an entire ideology based on a simplified understanding of the world and abstractions that are well understood in the Islamic countries. And in Europe, as well as in the U.S., no one would deny that gold is valuable.

Dinara professor Vadilo

Professor Rais Umar Ibrahim Vadilo is the founder of E-dinar Ltd, registered in Malaysia and World Islamic Mint. The activities of both companies deserve a lot of attention because they are so successfully combine modern approaches to the economy and the gold standard. Established in Malaysia Edinar Ltd firm in our understanding is no more than a bank providing the opportunity to convert their funds into gold and make calculations in gold dinars, and then, if necessary, again to convert the money into the currency of any country of the world. One gold dinar holds 4.25 grams of gold. Users of the system for free open accounts. Commission per transaction is 50 cents, and if the transaction amount is less than $ 50, the fee is calculated on the basis of 1% of turnover.