Trade rules by Jack Schwager

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Make a choice!

Do you have any spare money, and you do not know where to invest their profit? Want to choose the most reliable bank in Russia? Stick to the simple rules!

Rule number one

First of all, you must understand that the choice to be responsible - Eight years ago, the bank in the country was nearly twice as high. That is, since half of them went bankrupt. So, the first rule: you have to trust their savings to the bank - independent lenders. Solutions in the bank based on the consideration of their own financial interests, subject to the interests of depositors. And then you have the first danger lurks: major part of Russian banks is, paradoxically sounds anything but not the banks, since the main purpose of their work is to serve the interests of their owners. Interests of the owners may be the same (less) or the same (often) with the interests of the bank. For you, the potential investor is important hierarchy of priorities. Subject to the Bank as part of a structure means that you are actually allowed her to manage your money. The risk for the investor in this case is very large. Visual proof - the crisis of 1998, when many financial-industrial groups, sacrificing their banks, shifting all the burdens on investors.

Therefore, when choosing a candidate for the role of guardian of your savings should avoid banks that are part of a financial-industrial group or act as the Treasury certain company. Assistance in obtaining this information, you can have the banks themselves, who often proudly advertise themselves as part of a major non-bank structure.

The second rule

Capital - your insurance policy. Potential investors are generally available certain financial information about the bank. However, the available data is usually not enough to with a considerable degree of reliability to judge the real state of the bank. Certain conclusions can be made on the basis of often very little information, for example, an aggregate annual balance that all deserving banks publish in the press. First and foremost, we need to pay attention to capital (equity) of the bank. According to the requirements of the Central Bank, to create a new bank founders must make to its capital of at least EUR 5 million. It is understood that such own funds is the minimum necessary for the sustainability of the credit institution. One can agree with this opinion, and allow for possible depreciation of the ruble, exclusion of candidate banks with capital less than 150 million rubles. No less important to assess the reliability of the bank has the extent to which it finances its operations from its own funds. Their relatively high proportion - and, accordingly, a relatively low leverage ratio - reduces the risk of the bank liquidity problems. Most accessible to the depositor of the bank indicator depending on borrowed funds is the ratio of capital to its total assets. Not absolutizing this factor, yet would not recommend investing in the banks, where the value is less than 10%.