25 Rules trader: Mantra to work on discipline

For example, I expect to get another average profit from the deal, but at the time when the transaction is running, at the behest of the case come to market news from the Fed, and in the end, I hung a big profit - not yet taken. This has happened to me no more than five times over the last 20 years.

20 consecutive gives confidence and strengthen controls.

Agree, always nice to include a computer in the morning and be sure that if you play by the rules and discipline to follow your trading system, the probability of success is very high.

I've had years when the number of losing days can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Due to this stability, I became more and more confident. I knew that I would make money every day. How could it be otherwise? The ability to earn a little bit each day (rule number 18 and 19) will allow you to confidently operate and maintain control over the situation.

Remember rule number nine - if you earn a little bit every day, you eventually get the right to increase the lot. In the end, thanks to a discipline of your "little" in the future will become a much bigger profits.

21 LEARNING squeezes profit trade to the maximum (partial closing of positions).

Due to the partial closure of profitable positions you will increase the average size of a profitable trade, as well as save the amount of damages to an acceptable level.

Never cover the losing trades in parts. If a worker is lot more than the minimum, and the current transaction is unprofitable, then cover the entire position at once. If the item has been working more than the minimum, and the current transaction is profitable, then close the first half of the transaction price reaches the target area.

If you use stop losses, after the close of the first item put it into the black. In essence you are playing now "tipped" money. On the remainder of the position you just can not lose - it's the best situation you can create. Put withdrawal limit profits in a few points from the current price and relax.

22 seeks completed the same TRANSACTION - BE mason.

Every day I came to work, mason work on the same circuit - he builds the house laying brick on brick on brick, and so on to infinity. The same applies to the persistence of traders. Repeat rule number 6 and 20. For 20 years I have been working on the same trading system. Actually, as the same mason.

23 is not wise with the analysis. DO NOT DELAY. Do not doubt. AKA loser.

It is difficult to count how many times I have come to the traders in a terribly depressed, because, they said, they "know" where the market will go, but did not open a position. And when I asked why they did not make a deal, the answer was always the same - they do not want to chase the market and opened on going wave. Or they expect the trade at the best price (the price there and not come back), or only two of the three indicators of the deals, and the trader is waiting for confirmation from the third.

The end result of delay and doubt - is a trader rightness about the direction of the market and zero profit on the balance sheet. In our business, there is no reward, until you open the transaction. No need to get too carried away an analysis of the potential transaction. Open it and then gently lead. If this error occurs, get out of the market. But you will never be right until you open the transaction.

24 to the market all traders are equal.

We all have our day starts with one and the same. From zero. From the moment you hear the call and will begin trading, the result of the day will determine our behavior. If you follow the 25-rules, then you will succeed. And if not - lose.


Market goes where he wants. He does not care for you or for me. Pets him either. For him there is no difference. He never intentionally cause harm to someone. The market is always right.

And you need to learn to respect the market. Market ruthlessly punishes those who do not play by the rules. Train yourself to obey the 25-trading rules of discipline, and the remuneration is not long to wait.