Trade rules will ensure your success

31. Grow objective information about the market and restrict the flow of personal opinions.

32. Never allow more successful trade turn into a loser. Stop if the market dipped by 20% of your maximum profit point.

33. You must have a trading program, you must know your trading program, you need to follow the program of trade.

34. It is impossible to know everything about everything, so the speculator is always in danger.

35. For a profitable trade to four things: knowledge, discipline restrained courage, money and energy to properly combine the first three.

36. Expect and accept losses with gratitude. He who concentrates on the losses tend to be missing another chance to win.

37. Application of organized efforts - is the only truly necessary component to make money with money and save it.

38. If you are not progressing, you back off. Once you reach your trading goals, it is important that you immediately set a new goal of trade.

39. If you distract a variety of shopping opportunities, think of specialization. Intensity elevates and transforms it into the great heroic.

40. The art of concentration will help you become a great trader. In other words, divide the time out to think, plan, understand, investigate, analyze, evaluate, and thoroughly their transactions.

41. Share your profits in half. Never risk more than 50% of its profits in the market.

42. The key to successful trading - knowledge of self and personal level of tolerance to stress.

43. The real difference between winners and losers - it's not so much a natural gift as the ability to train yourself not to make mistakes.

44. The greatest risk of trading - the exclusive trust in intuition. Do not substitute facts hopes. More of everything that you can lose - is confidence.

45. Nobody will be able to perform well for a long time results in shoes nailed to the floor. In trading as in fencing, whether fast or die.

46. Think of Mark Twain: "Only 10% of people think. 10% think they think. The remaining 80% would rather die than to start thinking. "

47. Flee from the reported secret news like the plague. Consider the distribution obviously incompetent or malicious.

48. Person to reach the summit of trading, not does as he pleases. He taught himself to choose between the two freedoms: the freedom to do as he wants, and the freedom to do what we need to do.

49. As is always the possibility of unpleasant surprises in the fine dead markets, they should invest less capital than the broad markets are in motion.

50. The risk of a trade position shall not exceed 10%, the cumulative risk of all open positions should not be more than 25% of trading capital. Monitor the risk every day, adding and subtracting the income losses from open positions, and correlate results with its commercial capital.

51. Does not require much capital to trade in the market, if there is knowledge and understanding. Saint Paul said: "When I am weak, I am in power."

52. Word - silver, but silence - gold. Genuine alchemists market not to talk nonsense.