Gold Asian giants

Foreign investment in China now encourages gold mining. Production technologies in the industry backward management - poor. Therefore, the Chinese side is interested in attracting advanced technologies (such as bio-oxidation with enrichment) and modern achievements of management.


With the decline in the production of metal by world leaders in 2001, the growth of world gold production provided mainly Indonesia.

Volumes are increased for the year to 36 tons - 175 tons. In the world list of gold-producing countries, constitute the "Gold Fields", Indonesia came in fourth place. But here assess the "Gold Fields Mineral Services' are different from the Australian. The Association of Mines of Australia shows that gold production in Indonesia in 2000 fell from 152 to 139 tons compared to the previous year. The country's largest gold mining site is Grasberg (West Papua). It is also one of the world's largest oil fields. 86% owned Grasberg mine "PT Freeport" subsidiary "FriportMakMoran Copper-and-Gold." Along with the production of copper, the mine produced in 2001, 2.6 million ounces of gold, making it the world's largest producer of gold, taken separately. The deposit has proven and estimated reserves, estimated at 2,600 million tonnes of ore containing 1.13% copper, 1.05 g / t gold and 3.8 g / t silver. "PT Freeport" is the largest taxpayer in Indonesia, and in the last ten years to pay the government about $ 1.3 billion in taxes.

Developing copper-gold mine, "Batu Hijau" is developed on the island of Sumbawa. Its cost is $ 1.9 billion "PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara" is operator of the field, and is a joint venture between "Newmont Mining" (45%), "Sumitomo Corporation" (35%) and local partner "PT Pukuafu Indah" (20%). Reserves are estimated at 1,000 million tonnes of ore containing 0.52% copper and 0.4 g / t gold. Production there began only in 2001, with the initial target for the year to get 270 thousand tonnes of copper and 320 thousand ounces of gold. Life expectancy of the mine - 25 years.

"Newmont" also owns 80% of shares in a gold mine "Minahasa" (on-in Sulawesi), it owns a "PT Newmont Minahasa Raya." The remaining 20% is owned by the Indonesian company "PT Tandzhun Serapun." In 2000, there was made a little over 360 thousand ounces of gold. Other major producers of gold - mine "Kelian equatorial" (East Kalimantan), which produced in 2001 410 thousand ounces of gold mine "Mount Muro" (Central Kalimantan), giving a year about 250 thousand ounces of gold.

"PT Aneka Tambang" owns the mine "Pongkor" where, despite the attacks of illegal miners have been produced 1.84 tons of gold. The violence has also been the cause of the drop in production at the mine "Gosovong" (about-to Halmer), owned and operated by "Newcrest Mining" (82.5% share). "Gosovong" - a high-quality field (46 g / t gold). It is estimated that over a relatively short period of his life (five years), the mine should produce 155 thousand ounces of gold per year.

Prospects for the development of gold mining in Indonesia does not look impressive. According to forecasts of the Australian Association "Austmayn" Gold production in Indonesia should drop by 22% in 2002, down by 90% by 2005. This conclusion leads novorazvedannyh insufficient reserves and projects. Association mining in Indonesia also expects 2002 production of 1.18 million ounces of gold, and in 2005 - only 130 thousand ounces.