Dealing English

share - share share:

- LionHs share - the lion's share; market share - market share;

equities - a) equity, and b) equity.

Commonly used idioms industry sector shares:

industrials - industrials (contraction of industrial stocks);

insurances - insurance company stock (from insurance stocks);

technology stocks - shares of high-tech companies;

gold stocks - gold stocks, gold stocks;

energies - energy stocks;

utilities - utilities stocks;

motors - motors, engine-stock companies.

Stocks with positive potential identified:

glamour stocks - the most quoted shares;

go-go stocks - growth stocks;

high performer - a growing share;

favourite play - Hot [investors] share;

favourite pick - a popular event;

high fliers - speculative stocks.

In the pole representation we have:

actives - active stocks - passives - passive action;

gainer - a growing share - loser - falling share;

market leader - Top Gainers

- Market loser - the leader of the depressions;

large-cap stocks - shares of big companies - small [-cap] stocks - stocks of small companies.

For stocks with a negative growth potential are also unmatched idioms:

laggards - Lagging shares (their rate below average);

sleeper - Sleeper, sleeping stock (stock, did not attract much attention of investors, but it has great potential for growth);

death stocks - stocks predbankrota, shares terminally ill company;

wallflower - nelyubimitsa, Cinderella (stock, had fallen out of favor with investors);

wallpaper - junk stock wallpaper.

What can happen to the shares in the space of idioms? They can:

- Cbrasyvat - load off shares, dump shares, bail out: So why are investors dumping bank shares now? - So why now investors dumped bank stocks?

From June 14 to Sept. 12, the Jakarta stock index dropped about 10%, as foreign investors, who account for most of the activity of the exchange, bailed out. - C June 14 to September 12, the Jakarta Stock Exchange index fell by about 10%, as foreign investors are generally specified active exchanges, dumped shares.

- Hold - wed the stocks;

- Buy - buy back;

- Cbyvat with it - take shares off smbHs hand;

- Buy up - snap up.

Shares may also:

- Set the tone for the market, leading the market - lead the market;

- Set the pace - set the pace;

- Gaining ground - gain ground;

- To take positions - lose ground;

- To go against the trend - buck the trend:

Akzo Nobel and DSM also bucked the broad downtrend, gaining $ 1,70 to $ 48.30 and 70 cents to $ 71.30. Shares of Akzo Nobel and DSM also went against the general downward trend, rising by 1.70 dollars to 48.30 dollars and 70 cents to 71.30 dollars.

- Suffer - take a beating = take a hit = take a knock = take a pounding: ... right in the middle of market correction in which technology stocks took their hardest beating in the year. - ... Right in the middle of a technical correction, in which tech stocks suffered the most severe way for all these years.