Very large Yuan

Mongolian Yuan Empire (Home) lived a little more than one hundred years. Chinese uprising boldly descendants of the conquerors. Revived China was called Min - Bright. This motto, cast in coins, printed on the bills, was unchanged for the duration of his reign, as if the Chinese were trying to convince themselves: all the bad behind. In the early years of public expectations in the empire, new money - silver lyany. Liang - it's an old Chinese unit of weight. Ingots, like a boat, with the imperial stamps just enough and weighed.

Alas, greed and ambition again pushed the country into civil war. And again on the lifeless land invaders came. To stifle the revolt of the peasants, spread throughout the Celestial Empire, one of the Ming generals called for help from Manchuria, which crushed the rebellion in blood <zheltyx dressings> and founded his own dynasty Qing - Net. They were much smaller than the Chinese. Active on all the key posts of the country, they become like a predator who has swallowed too much booty and is, slowly digesting it. The whole policy of the Manchurian government was aimed at isolating China. The capitalists of Britain, France, Germany and the United States recovered from such a policy fabulous profits by selling drugs in China. When the number of addicts in the country has reached 2 million, even worried dormant Zini. Measures have been taken to stop the trade <white death>. The shallows in Humen Port Canton burned and drowned in the sea seized opium three weeks.

Western humanists sounded the alarm: a guard, a violation of the holy of holies - the private property! Valiant British Navy acted to protect the rights of their subjects. English began to sell opium at reduced prices and so attracted to his side the immense army of drug addicts and dealers, who lived on the resale. The country was burning patriotic movement <Death white devils>, demanded an end to any had contact with foreigners - whether they sell opium or not. Murders of women missionaries and China are discredited in the eyes of the whole world. But who knows, maybe all these atrocities provoked the English masters of the secret diplomacy? One way or another, but the governments of France and the United States also took part in the looting of China. His army, armed with muskets and swords, could not stand up to the latest rifles. China capitulated. He was forced open to trade with the Europeans five ports, pay a huge indemnity (plus compensation for the destroyed opium), and to give of what is now England, Hong Kong. British pledged to stop importing <white death>. But customs rules were drawn up by them so that, if desired, they could bring in or take out at least most of the Emperor Qin. As a result, the Chinese silver uncontrollable flood flowed into the Bank of England, and the number of drug addicts in China has reached the beginning of XX century, 20 million people ...

Yuan and fyni, red and green

Finally Zini even realize that there is a need for reform. Attempts were made to re-equip the army, to industrialize. In the financial sector, this has resulted in the emergence of new money. Was purchased new equipment, and for the first time in the history of China in 1889, began to mint coins of standard Mexican dollar.