The saga of the first bonus for Soviet speculation

Our correspondent Sergey Fadeev met with the guest "BC" in the upscale, but surprisingly cozy building in the heart of native merchant Zamoskvorechye. Head of Financial Institutions of International Moscow Bank (IMB) Sergei T. Troshin, a professional banker with nearly thirty years of work, agreed to answer a few questions.

Sergey Fadeev: So, the bank is now in a new building, not in the same on the waterfront, next to the elite tennis court ... Why?

Sergey Troshin: Last year was attached to the IMB "Bank Austria Creditanstalt." The deal on the integration of the two banks was after the fall of 2000, a strategic shareholder IMB - "HipoFeraynsbank» (Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG), absorbed the banking group "Bank Austria Creditanstalt", which owned 99.62% of the Moscow "Bank Austria". Of course, this process is also referred to the real estate owned by the bank, so we're here, though only a few days, moved. Now the German "HipoFeraynsbanku" has 43% of the shares of IMB.

SF: As far as I know, the IMB has other shareholders. Could you tell us about them, about the bank's performance in the past year and his team? It is staffed by foreigners?

ST: Yes, in addition to our strategic and largest shareholder, we have a solid co-owners and others. In particular, the Scandinavian banking group represented "Nordea Bank Finland» (Nordea Bank Finland Plc), is also a strategic shareholder, owns 22% of the IMB, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Russia in France "Eurobank" - 20%, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD ) - 10%, the Industrial Bank of Japan (Industrial Bank of Japan) - 3%, Sberbank of Russia - 2%.

Interestingly, the strategic shareholders acquired additional shares in IMB (EBRD became a new shareholder) after the August 1998 crisis. These banks have always been self-restraint, caution and conservatism. Their investments in the Russian banking sector, which is experiencing very difficult times, showed faith in the great potential of our country. We are very grateful to our shareholders and try to justify their confidence. After the annual meeting of shareholders held in March and has considered the results of the bank for 2001, chairman of the IMB Ilkka Salonen said that our lender will pay dividends to its shareholders for the last year in an amount equal to $ 15 million. The bank's profit after tax by international standards (IAS) in 2001 amounted to $ 52 million.

Now our bank has served about 1,100 medium and large enterprises. In 2001, offices were opened in the IMB Perm and Yekaterinburg, and this year was supposed to open in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. The Bank, in contrast to previous years, intends to actively serve individuals and small and medium businesses.

As for our staff, here, in contrast to the shareholders - the inverse proportion. Currently, we employ a total of five foreigners, other employees, about a thousand, - the Russians. I myself can say veteran and worked in IMB since November 1990. Most senior staff came to us from Vnesheconombank and IBEC. People immediately sent for long training in the Western banks, funds are not spared, and therefore made by experienced and highly professional staff.