Hedge funds minimal risk

At present, many hedge funds have provided ordinary investors access to your tools. Depositors are seriously interested in the activities of hedge funds and want to invest their money in them, it is worth pre understand for a number of things:

- What is the level of liquidity instruments chosen fund?

- What is the qualification of the fund manager, what are the achievements and tactical plans?

- Are the fund custodian in possession of the largest U.S. clearing houses (eg, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette)?

- Who administered the fund (well, if, for example, the world famous Amsterdam Trust Company)?

- Who are audited (for example, by Deloitte & Touche, a member of the "big five" of auditors of the world)?

- Is there an offshore status of the selected Fund (which improves the flexibility and confidentiality of investments compared to a direct investment in the United States)?

It should not be forgotten that the good results of hedge funds is achieved by the fact that their managers have a direct motivation to successfully trade: they put their money in funds they manage.

On the other hand, for a dishonest manager, though ephemeral, yet the possibility of positive transaction personalize, and negative - on the customer. Besides commission hedge fund and a half times higher than normal commission managed funds. If successful trading activities of hedge funds fees may rise to as much as 7 percent or more!

Investment in health ...

Investment strategies of the majority of hedge funds are different long-term approach, not burdened with the need to respond to destabilizing short-term fluctuations in the stock market and exchange rate bursts of individual companies. Of the variety of investment strategies of hedge funds are two areas that in the past decade have shown their best, not only in a growing market, but also in times of corrections and stagnation leading world economies.

In the first direction of this type of fund managers focus their attention on the key technological and socio-economic trends that define the main strategic path of human development in the foreseeable future. They invest in companies that are engaged in these areas lead.

In this case, the fund managers are closely watching the changing balance of forces in their chosen sectors. If necessary, they adjust the portfolio of hedge funds by disposing of shares in corporations that are losing market share due to some subjective or objective reasons. At any given time, the fund's portfolio includes only corporate leaders with a steadily growing turnover and market share, the positive trend of profitability, strong financial condition and a huge potential for innovation, promising for the foreseeable future a significant commercial impact.

Hedge fund managers to constantly monitor and analyze new trends in the economy, technology and lifestyles of the industrialized countries, identifying promising new areas of investment.

As a result of this type of portfolios of hedge funds consist of several tens of authentic leaders of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy.