Indecision and paralysis trader

Emotional = unprofitable

All causes of paralysis inherent in you even before you make your first deal. Paralysis has no relation to the market, to your methods. He is a kind of psychological endemic, is typical of all traders (in varying degrees, of course).

Many of the most successful traders became such only because at the time paralysis caused them significant damage. And they realize and accept this as their personal problem, could not find way out of it.

Apparently, no other way to cope with paralysis of the trader does not exist. Remember that the market is not something isolated from life, a place where you can enter, leave all your troubles on the doorstep. Market - this is only one side of life ...

Fear, greed, envy, revenge, love, hate, obsession, compulsion - in short, a complete gentleman's set of emotions that can lead again and again to the actual trader's self-destruction.

All these difficulties can not be resolved with the help of market practices or policies, but only through a sincere realization that they are personal psychological problems trader and the market is just showing them more clearly than we would like. Most traders do not suffer losses due to the use of "bad" practices, but because they can not find ways to resolve emotional issues that they bring to market. Or do not find ways to at least reduce their impact.

Therefore we can safely formulate a simple axiom: Emotional trading = Trading Loss

And no one can escape. Even experienced and very successful traders have in their account like failures when emotional factors become dominant in their trading.

Faith - a synonym suicide

From the point of view of psychology, the main basis of paralysis trader and its consequences is a "faith." When a trader is experiencing psychological problems at work, his emotional functions tend to to hide, disguise, that requires special attention.

These functions create a "false" condition, constantly producing system of "faith", which is actually quite different from the reality. These belief systems are very strong, simply because they can not be refuted. Because faith needs no proof, and therefore is not subject to them.

In relation to the market belief is synonymous with suicide and the right way leads to failure and loss. You should specifically refer to the question relations psychology of the market and money.

Very often, the role and importance of money exaggerate, and believe that the market is defined only by money. Therefore, the effects of errors (no matter how severe they may be) can be found only in the loss of money. And this is a profound belief of many traders. Absolutely wrong. The market will cost you much more than any money if you do not learn to control your emotions. "It is, after all, just money" - a typical defensive ploy emotional functions trader. In fact, the money - it is one of the weakest factors.

Market - one of the main places where people can get really serious psychological trauma. And the issue of the loss of all or most of the capital - is a matter of psychology, not trading.