Dealing English

d) collapse, collapse: crash - fall, collapse:

- Crashed market - down the market;

meltdown - the collapse, collapse (market price);

fall out of bed - fall (the market or stock price);

in a spin - in a tailspin (the sharply falling stocks of a company);

Subgroup 3-2.

Market fluctuations

ups and downs of the market - the ups and downs of the market;

bounce - bounce, bounce:

The March Canadian dollar is having a short-covering rally following the technical bounce from the 72.29 bottom. - Canadian dollar in March, is being kratkovremennogopodema after a technical rebound from the support level 72.29.

- On a bounce - on the rebound;

- Buy on a bounce - fly on the rebound;

- Cover on a bounce - sell on the rebound;

- Bounce back - rebound, rebound;

backup - pullback going backwards:

If you continue to get better corporate earnings, stocks will follow you, even if you face a backup in rates. - If you will earn higher profits for your company, the shares will follow you, even if you come up with rollback rates.

dip - Duck (or the stock price):

- Take a brief dip - make short-dive;

- Buy on a dip - buy on the dive;

wobble - ride:

- Wobbling prices - galloping prices.

Subgroup 3-3. Business recovery

a) recovery in the market: rally - revival:

- On the back of the rally - in the wake of recovery:

Things are just ticking a bit higher, mostly on the back of yesterdayHs rally as the market changes its mind on German rates again. - The situation is a little better, mainly in the wake of yesterday's recovery as the market has once again changed its attitude to the German [interest] rates;

buoyancy (read [boiansi] - revival:

- Provide buoyancy - cause revival:

The Internet, which provides much of that buoyncy will be a fertile spawning ground for new software ideas. - Internet, which feeds most of this recovery will be a fertile breeding ground for new ideas in the field of software;

buoyant - busy:

- Buoyant market - a bustling market:

Moreover, firmHs willingness to use their cash reserves for takeover is keeping market buoyant, as well as making it difficult to argue that shares are overvalued.

- Moreover, the willingness of firms to use their liquid reserves to buy a controlling stake in support recovery in the market, and makes it difficult to prove that the shares have high value.

b) the rise in the market: upsurge - rise, rise;

tick higher - increase (eg on the stock price, or the price).

c) a sharp rise, rise: upswing - a sharp rise; skyrocket - fly up (on prices or prices):

- Skyrocketing - taking off (stock quotes or prices);

balloon prices - inflating prices;

zoom - fly, soar:

- Zooming currency - currency is poised far.

Exercise 3.1.

Complete the translation into English:
1) inflating prices - bal ... prices;
2) plummet - take a pl ...;
3) quotes soared - quotes has sky ...;
4) broad market - buo ......;
5) to buy on the rebound - buy on ab ...;
6) down the market - cr ......;
7) to dive - take a nose-...