Edge, separating work and play

Of course, in the past, not all speculators "survive" in this fight, but always remained the possibility of a fresh start. Because when the price goes to $ 5-40 per day, there is always a chance to earn $ 1-3 a hundred papers in working capital of $ 10.5 thousand. When the price goes to 20-40 cents, even for relatively expensive paper, it is necessary to increase the number of shares in the transaction, at least to "repel" the commission broker. To which, of course, require more bankroll. Yes, the matter is complicated by new deytreydingovymi rules. Or always close your position overnight (often simply silly), or hits the daytrading call, or add money (but reserves are not infinite), or get your account without margin, that is, without a loan broker, and without the possibility of open short positions. And play, and work in such conditions is extremely difficult, and most importantly - for what? 20 cents for profit!? In such cases, the ratio of risk and return are unacceptable, and active participants in the market going. Or parallel to the field, such as FOREX or futures, or are even in business as usual. It may be objected that the investors will not leave, because the market size is not reduced, and may even have increased, despite all the changes. I think it is not. Two years ago I could have bought for 10 thousand dollars (at 5K run), 100 or even 50 papers some YHOO, which cost $ 100 or $ 200, but now I can at the same price to buy 700-900 of the same securities. Shares of many, not the past, companies are literally pennies, other already and did not, and the market is very "hooked."

Well, maybe except for the 30 papers of the "Dow Jones industrial", which are relatively strong in general, not collapsed. Here is the market size and raised. Another indirect confirmation - Internet brokers have not experienced problems with the income, if the volume of transactions grew. After scalper focuses primarily on discount brokers.

The financial crisis is similar to diarrhea

On the market, which went scalper with relatively small amounts of money, there are only low-active long-term investors and traders - in the sense that I wrote above. Traders, in principle, the same as the salary goes, but the low-level long-term investors (and traders, however, too) can be manipulated at will. And to bring down on the heads of disoriented and frightened townsfolk flow of information does not meet any logic. For the proverb says: "The financial crisis and diarrhea one experiences about the same. Symptoms are the same - increased fussiness and unpredictable. And in the eyes - sadness and uncertainty. "

Some examples, not to be unfounded. The company's shares plummeting INVN, when it became known that the government is going to reduce purchases of explosives detectors for airports, which she produces. The next day, the company publishes a press release, which states that no one not to terminate any contract and does not intend to do so, and that the company is literally swamped with orders. But the market does not react, even though, logically, quotes have to go back to previous levels. And then slipped the news about the next terrorist with explosives or something similar nA board ...

Or another example. WCOM, the second in the U.S. long-distance operator, "killed" up to $ 01.05 per share. S & P has excludes it from the calculation of the S & P 500 (paper still falls to 1.15), and introduces a little-known office there is of a different sector of the economy. They, in S & P, of course, know better, this is their code, but the logic should reflect the integral state of the market through its components - the backbone of the company in all sectors of the economy. Is WCOM ceased to be second in the communications industry in the U.S.? Yes, the company has problems, but she is not bankrupt. When on the agenda will be a question of bankruptcy - and then should be put out of the index. And so - was taken out of the index, the people scared, purchase, and the index, look, embellished, so not much became cheaper and seemed bearable.

When the market is "rigged" profiteer on it again, nothing to do, if it is, of course, is not this the most "manipulator." But it certainly is not us - online traders from a far country. Conditions, which now operates the U.S. market, dictate that successful work is needed seems to amount substantially greater than 2K, 25K, or even 75,000. May not be less than $ 300,000. On the other hand, works with smaller amounts is always a possibility. While it's more like a game.

Because the same Lefebvre [3] said it well in his book: "I still felt like it, because the only thing that can prove me wrong - it's a waste of money. And my rightness is reduced only to one thing - to make money. This is speculation. And it is always uplifting in our fraternity. "