Gold dinar - a new tool of globalization?

Even by the most conservative estimates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and the UAE will benefit from the introduction of the gold dinar and will get further in their gold reserves from 10 to 20 tons of gold a year - of course, if the stability of the domestic economy, and there is no shortage of general the balance of trade with the country's trade with the U.S. and Europe. In our opinion, Malaysia offers to organize the project, which will lead not only to the introduction of a new international currency, and the displacement of gold reserves in the Islamic world. Such a move, of course, is to have a critical point at which not only change the price of gold in dollars or euros, but may change parities values in Western markets.

That oppose?

What can the U.S. and Europe to oppose the gold dinar? - A question that after 1-2 years will be relevant for the representatives of the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. Stop the outflow of gold from Western markets - it means creating a shortage of gold in the market and to lower their exchange rates lower. If at that time the gold dinar would have to operate at the Malaysian circuit and install the parities between the national currencies of the participating countries of the project <gold dinar>, the market <energy-dollar> is tied to the gold price. In this case, the greater the rate of economic growth will Islamic states, using the gold dinar, the greater the energy market will be related to the precious metals market. In our opinion, <gold in exchange for oil> - this is exactly what they want to achieve Islamic countries. Now, however, raise the question because they can not, as yet do not have enough gold reserves, and only able to temporarily inflate the price of the precious metal in the world market as OPEC periodically drives up oil prices.

Becoming the major operators in the market, developing the domestic economy, and trade with each other, the Islamic countries will be able to dictate the terms of the energy market. Prevent such a development can only be opposed to Islamic raw materials new technologies that reduce the consumption of raw materials. Financial control methods can only complicate the situation and accelerate the collapse of the world financial system, which predicts Soros. Skeptics argue that even now oil-exporting countries and other energy sources do not interfere to raise the question: <energy resources in exchange for gold>. But now that gold can only be sold on the world market for dollars or euros, and in the case of launch <gold dinar> this precious metal in the form of coins acquire additional liquidity in the Islamic world.

So the idea can solve two problems at once: move the gold reserves in the Middle East and Asia, and to create an internal, in the understanding of Islamic countries, the demand for gold, or even form a new regional market with more stable gold parities.

Where did the idea?

The idea of gold dinar is very old. She, at least, 1422. Gold dinar is mentioned in the Quran. There also provides clear specifications of the monetary unit, which is represented in the form of coins of 24 carat gold, weighing 4.3 grams. Now the project is the introduction of the gold dinar was discussed not only in academic circles and extremist, but also at the highest level of government.