Indecision and paralysis trader

Some psychological problems arising from the financial markets, just guaranteed to produce losses. It is often said that if most traders simply do the opposite, they would be very successful. But faith does not give traders an opportunity to "do the opposite." Hence the roots of paralysis trader lie in the realm of faith. Let's finish this description of the horrors associated with indecision and paralysis of the trader and look for possible solutions to these problems. Let's start with indecision.

Learn what you do not know ...

Recall that indecision trader connected with many circumstances, which are based on a conflict of methods. And the trader is not able to decide which of the methods to follow, and how to act in the circumstances. As already noted, this type of difficulty is intellectual. Simply put, the trader does not know how to resolve the conflict between the methods. The very first thing to do in such a situation - is to deepen their knowledge. Dig a little deeper you use methods. This is sure to allow you to learn new things and getting to know these things, you will come to understand the essence of the conflict between the methods.

For example, if your trading strategy is based solely on pricing methods, and they are in conflict with each other, you may be wise to begin to explore the temporary methods. And the emphasis on the word "study" is done deliberately, for transcending the indecision is almost always associated with learning something new, you do not know at this time.

Many beginners start to engage in trading, knowing very little about the subject. They usually have heard how easy it is - to engage in day trading. Someone sends a signal, you click the mouse, wait 1-2 minutes - and, as the saying goes, "Money in the pocket." Very, very common opinion.

And he comes to the company. Start learning trades. Leader gives the signal, the beginner runs it, not knowing anything about the nature and causes of this signal, the nature and causes of foot ... Suddenly the paper falls to the point (note that for all the bad traders in the market is only "suddenly"). And the beginner starts to argue with the leader of this "false" signals. A paper in this time of falling even more ... Usually several of these exercises is enough to make even a beginner understand that trading should learn something.

Many of the problems associated with the initial trading knowledge and learning. Some had excellent results by focusing on one market, even on the same paper. They become experts in this paper, because they are constantly studying it. This approach - the perfect remedy for indecision. Select only the paper and really learn her trade. Learn all you can, this paper and its market. Do not try to sell everything at once. Good money (and, of course, lose) can, trading and one paper.

The next step in the same direction - to discard all unnecessary. Turn off CNBC, clean with all the extra screen graphics. Look only at his paper. All you need to know is on her chart.