Trade rules will ensure your success

124. Keep perspective. Trees do not grow to the sky, and the values do not depreciate to zero. What are the rumors? What are the latest high-low? Interest rates on loans? Interest on the loan is not necessarily a price bottom. Rate prices CAS (Sommodity Credit Corporation) does not always determine the price ceiling.

125. If you enter the market is said to Uncle Vasya, then get out of the market rumors of Uncle Vasya. If you use another person's idea, use it from beginning to end.

126. Do not confuse activity and results.

127. Start running from the beginning or do not run. Do not be a bull in 11 hours and a bear in 17 hours.

128. Avoid sudden turns of the market. If you decide to close a long or short position, wait until the market turns in the opposite direction.

129. President Woodrow Wilson said: "The main goal of the state is to bring together common interests against private." A successful trader is looking for opportunities in the market, capitalizing on the fact that the main priority of the state is hardly achievable.

130. Inertia - is the main enemy of account management, you have a tendency to remain at rest, if the already resting, or to proceed if you already are moving.

131. WD Gann: "If the market for seven days is moving in one direction, make sure the necessary correction on the seventh day."

132. People who buy into the headlines, end up, as a rule, the sale of newspapers.

133. If you do not know who you are, in fact, the market - an expensive place to find out.

134. As the market moves oats, so goes the whole grain market.

135. Tuesday reworks what made Monday, and if it does not, then it makes the environment.

136. Never advise - do not need a clever and stupid would not understand.

137. Develop a long-term trade strategy helps avoid the herd instinct, diseases of many investors. "Most people know better" - is in fact de les rare. Have you ever seen a monument to the crowd?

138. Save yourselves from any had expected. In the world of money, which is based on human behavior, nobody has the most humane idea of what will happen in the future. Note the word itself - "no one." Therefore, a successful trader is not doing anything on the basis of assumptions and react to what is happening.

139. Anxiety - is not a disease, it's just an indication that you are healthy. If you do not care, it means that you are not at risk.

140. In addition to unforeseen circumstances, understand the habit to take their profits as soon as possible. Do not torture yourself, if successful trade continues without you. There is always the chance that it will not last long. This will comfort you every time you leave the market with a small gain. Otherwise, you may be losing.

141. When the ship starts to sink, do not pray, you have to jump over the side.

142. Life never goes on a straight road. Every adult knows that. But under hypnosis graphs we too easy to forget about it. Be careful!

143. Never trade in the market because the market is something you "should" - or, even worse, you "must" show their ability to make it clear that it can. If this road leads nowhere, and you see a better way - jump to another train.