Where the roots of success, and what constitutes success

The main barrier - you

It is not difficult to master the technique, learn to work with programs that focus in the market and even purchase flair and intuition to make the right decision. But here's to cope with them, and be adequate to the situation with risk, in this case financial, - it is much more difficult. With training, you want to work in high-risk and the need to make quick decisions in often unusual lack of information (military, rescue, stuntmen, security services, etc.) is given to issues of great mental preparation. Why for the financial markets should be different, because their working conditions include all of the above factors.

A classic example of the influence the degree of responsibility for the outcome. Try to go on the board width 15 cm, lying on the ground. Is not it true, is not difficult - just to be able to walk. And now, once again, but the board is at a height of 50 meters. Is not it true, diverse internal states in the commission of the same action? As they say, feel the difference. And what, exactly, has changed? Only our assessment results possible error, yet speculative, because the real action has not yet happened. Here it is - the psychological factor. It is for this reason that I am learning all the accounts only as a way to master the technique (which interface programs which buttons to press when, what numbers to write, etc.). All the talk about successful trading on a demo account and stunning performance resulting thereof, consider misleading inexperienced, has not tried her hand at real money, misleading in any way, they already are in because of the lack of necessary knowledge and experience.

The significance of what is happening

Exercise 2. Close your eyes and imagine that you have died, and as detailed as possible. Do not limit itself in time, and in the details ... Say goodbye to your body, which you served, say goodbye to the people that you value. Can say aloud the words that you want them to say at last. Say goodbye to the sun, the sky, with all that you loved. Make your "last" sigh. That's it! Finale!

So, all the worst that could happen to you has already happened. And now, after some time again open your eyes, take a look at the world and realize that fate granted you one more chance, and given more time to be on this earth and do something. Look forward to everything around him ... And now try to evaluate the significance of what is happening to you at this point, with this your feeling. Now feel your attitude. Is not it, more quietly?

In particular, the technique, born in Toltec practices adapted to the modern Western type of thinking is used in workshops AVP (the art of living with the intention), but in a hard form. Also used as a psycho Academy irrational psychology (IO vaginitis). So, you continue to work in the financial markets, but the result is not so important to you than before. And to work quietly. Once again, ask yourself the same question: "And what, exactly, has changed?". Only your attitude. Again - the psychological factor.