Where the roots of success, and what constitutes success

There is another aspect that contribute to or facilitate the influence of psychological factors. Surely you've seen the recommendation in textbooks or heard these things from the well-known "guru" that you should not run on borrowed money or all the money needed to maintain your existence in this world.

And you wonder why? Technically because there is no change, the same amount in the account. Here again - only your attitude to what is happening, because increases the cost of failure. That is again the psychological factor.

On the right attitude about money

Money - a means to achieve your goals, but not the purpose, for making their goal, you simply will destroy itself, go against its nature as a human being, and any activity in the name of such a goal will inevitably be damaging to you. Do I have to try to make good money? I think so. Money in the concentrated form - a measure of the free energy in the physical world, the material reflects the results of your work with them. Of course, there are other points of view, according to which the possession of any material possessions is a brake on efforts to improve themselves. Or, on the contrary, the position of whose adherents believe that they can get a lot of the world, not bothering to give something in return, without consequences for themselves. If you define for yourself what you need to make good money, equivalent to investing in the process of achieving your goal, do another exercise.

Exercise 3. Imagine that all your work on the market went to pieces. Details think up. Whether it is the fall in the market, if your gross technical error, or bad faith artists or causing direct harm. Thus, all or substantially all of you invested in the financial market, you lose. There is something in this situation, what you can rely on, from what to get emotional support? These may be people who you can tell about your condition and get an answer. Also it can be the four elements of nature, with which you can talk to and maybe hear the silent answer? This is especially helpful when you lost faith in a society where it seems that all has failed, and only after talking with the fire or her favorite tree, or a river (Water), you lift this weight, having realized that the elements immeasurably ancient of all social relations, and Here you are standing in front of them one on one and you know that they have been and will be. So for you, not all over. Ask yourself, do not you think the collapse of the current situation of your life? Will this not lead to a loss of the sense of life, not a thrust to extreme actions, as history is replete with cases of exchanges suicide? If not, and you are ready to continue to fulfill its mission, then you can safely begin work in the financial markets - and good luck!

* In particular, the book of Van Tharp and Brian Jung "Intraday trading: secrets of mastery" mission defined as "who you want to be, what to do or be able to, that is, what sort of person you really want to be and what heights to reach. "


Your mission

Basis trader's success - in the consciousness of the trader. What exactly is it? The fact that first you have to understand yourself, and not the market. And the first thing you should do - to realize your personal goals and mission. In other words, you need to have a purpose in life. Most people do not have a purpose, wander through life like a ship without a rudder and sails. If this is true of you, then your chances of success as a trader is very small.

The task of understanding its mission of most people is puzzling, and many new traders do not understand what it is. They often say, "My mission - to make a lot of money." Unfortunately, to make a lot of money - this is not a mission at all and not even the purpose of life. Although, I must admit, the desire to have a lot of money often leads actions of men. Think, if making money was really an incentive life was so little of the rich?

A recent study commissioned by the American Association of Retired Persons, shows that making money is not so important for most. For example, the question "Would you like to be rich?" 33% of the respondents answered in the negative ...

Interesting findings of the study: "The United States is going through one of the longest periods of growth in history. People want to earn good money. TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" riveted the attention of all America. Ordinary Americans are day traders. But at the same time, many do not know how to make ends meet, how to send their children to college and get a decent pension "...

Trading Education - a long process that requires a lot of time and effort. Without a solid foundation, which gives the mission, you will likely end up trading earlier than endure the hardships of learning! In short, the mission - is an integral part of successful trading. It will help to overcome all the difficulties on the way to success.

Your mission trader depends entirely on the mission and purpose of your life. The definition of your mission, of course, one of the most important decisions you can make. This will help you determine what is most important in your life: your family relationships, your role in society, your interactions with others and the degree of your satisfaction. In essence, the pleasure of life is determined, and very much so, what is your mission ...

What principles do you follow? (What beliefs do you consider to be so important that you can not waive them or compromise?)

What do you value? (Hint: As can be seen preference values or ideas that are important to you, but you might have to change.)

The closer our values are our principles of life, the more effectively we will act. This is probably the most important thing is to know the trader ...

From the book of Van Tharp and Brian Jung "Intraday trading: secrets of mastery"