What to do when things go from bad to worse?

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Obviously, the same reason causes the trader to trade is a method to jump from one method to another within the same transaction, use the method only partially (for input or output) and weight variations. We can state the issue simply and clearly: <why traders should not be a method that he chose?>. This also must be added depending on the problem (not wanting to depend on the method) and <stellar disease> (better knowledge of the market method).

The problem of prediction

Finally, most of the difficulties - in the problem of prediction. Don `t know the nature of the future, fear motivates him vnesoznatelnye mechanisms <knowledge> of the future, the psychology of foresight. Anticipation leads to faith, faith - to selective filtering of perception and attention. Faith always seeks and finds confirmation. It needs no refutation and can not tolerate them. She never asks what can stop your faith. When you begin to believe in something, you do run the inevitable process of denying the reality: <Yes, the price has fallen below my stop, but it always returns> <Yes, the price has reached its goal, but it should still go> <Yes, the method advises enter into a short position, but, look, the price goes up and I feel that it should go up>.

You start to believe in what is going to happen. You begin to anticipate. More foresight creates a lot of confidence, closing the vicious circle. And as the difference between what actually happens and what you are doing, increases - certainty turns to hope, and that hope creates a fantasy of what will happen (again foresight). Then hope is reborn in fear, fear creates despair, and out of sheer desperation you finally act. Typically, in a state of despair you are most unfortunate effect of all possible - for example, close a long position at the minimum.

Why? Just because you're on this painful ways than one, so that the threshold of despair is approximately equal to a variety of people. It was at this point, your method begins to signal that have to take a long position. But you can not open it, because that just suffered a terrible defeat. You can not act in accordance with the Seeder signals. You are completely paralyzed.

Foresight - one of the biggest problems that are extremely difficult to overcome. Anticipation is the basis of almost all the difficulties in following the method. In a state of fear, you are afraid of what might happen. When you hope for something, you have the confidence that it will happen ...

Thus, the method nesledovanie basically contains a departure from the present to the past and looping (<again the same thing, the same loss trade, as yesterday>) or the future (<no, now you can not go out, the price always goes up>). Anything that helps you keep in mind (and hopefully action) focused on the present, is the cure for this problem.

Remedy the problems

I have developed a method that, in its combination always inform the trader about where he is now. And that clearly indicates that the trader must do now. Anything more on the method of claim impossible. The method can only do its job. Do it without passion and without all of your personal problems. So you have to submit ourselves to the method. There is a lot of ego structures and functions, which are facing huge discomfort of such submission. And a lot of deep psychological problems. Therefore <next method!> Much easier said than done. You can have the best method in the world (I'm sure that all of the methods that you use, it is very good) - but still will experience serious problems by following his method. You need to realize that all of your psychological problems will have an impact on your results in trading.