The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and royal trillion

This is what we have established the central bank of America!

I go to the Duma office of the chairman of the Foundation Dergausova Yu. First of all, I was introduced to Dementsevym B., a man known in Soviet times. Once he was a deputy finance minister, then minister of finance, and finally, in 1986-87, the chairman of the State Bank.

Dementia before me like a gray harrier sweet grandfather. Despite his advanced age, he is very accurate and precise for words to express his thoughts. In an effort to avoid being run "stone in someone else's garden," the ex-chairman tried to get around sharp corners and anything that would hang on the "business" of trillions of Anastasia, not shed (see interview). Yuri Dergausov and attended nearby Alexander Gryannik were more talkative. First of all I was interested in the mysterious story involving the Russian Empire in the creation of the Federal Reserve System. According to A. and J. Gryannika Dergausova set out in a letter to President Putin, Nicholas II made a certain number of tons of gold out there as a 50% stake in the U.S. Federal Reserve, with the result that the Russian empire was its founder. If this is true, Russia is actually the owner of the U.S. central bank and could, for example, A. Greenspan dismissed or set a new direction of U.S. monetary policy?

However phantasmagoria champions Anastasia shatters the founder of the official documents of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Under the Fed prepared Congressmen Carter Glass and Robert Owen, and adopted in 1913, every U.S. bank had to subscribe for shares of the Federal Reserve Bank of its staff. Obligatory subscription was 3% of bank capital.

Another 3% had to pay upon the U.S. Federal Reserve, but the money has not been recovered. Thus created twelve Federal Reserve Banks, and formed the U.S. Federal Reserve. Russia is simply no place in the education of the American central bank. I did not fail to tell Gryanniku A. and J. Dergausovu official version of a U.S. Federal Reserve. They answered, grinning, said that, well, I do not know anything about such a sensitive issue. In fact, Nicholas II on the basis of share in the "tsentrobankovskom actually" provided by the U.S. Federal Reserve gold tacit agreement. It was zadeponirovano accounts of the U.S. Treasury, and in accordance with the law of the gold monetary standard under it printed dollars.

History has become even more exciting turn. Private limited participation in the issue of money - this is something new in economic theory and practice! Following the idea of A. Gryannika one could not deny the ingenuity, Russia has the title to half of the "seed" of the money supply in the United States.

This is the great mystery

I wonder if they know about it in the States themselves? "And a certificate of participation in the issue of money you have?" - Asks I Gryannika A. and J. Dergausova. In response, they immediately take a mysterious look and proclaim that this is the secret, and the details are hidden from the public eye before his time.