Indecision and paralysis trader

Attempt to integrate other information before you have mastered the market, almost always leads to indecision. What I'm talking about here focus on one market, it is necessary to overcome indecision, increase the depth of knowledge of the chosen market and to understand the causes of conflict your methods. As long as you do not solve the problem of conflict of methods, you will always be prone to indecision.

We now turn to paralysis trader.

If paralyzed, take three steps ... The basis of paralysis trader always emotional. Emotional dynamics lead to a belief, beyond the control and verification. Vera totally compatible with what is actually required for successful trading. Techniques and strategies are not able to resolve the problem.

These problems are not related to trading, as such, trading itself becomes a victim of these problems. Trading is always accompanied by serious injuries - both psychological and financial.

Do not be naive in this regard. Overall - a very grim picture. But it is with her, and to get started. Pink paint not help matters here. So all the same can be done with the problem of paralysis trader?

Many American psychologists agree that the paralysis is always accompanied by a kind of "closed" or "secret." And the first step to overcoming the paralysis of the trader - the break that secrecy.

Ask yourself the question: "Was there anything in my trading today, as I had not been able to (or had difficulty) to tell N?. N this can be your friend, partner, boss, family, parents - anyone. If you catch their variations in response, then you need to tell in detail about everything you do in the market, someone really important to you.

Is always the first step, the most critical and most difficult. The next step is also very difficult. You must record everything you do in the market, and why, and then write in detail everything that happens to you when you are in the transaction. And it is really very easy to do. The third step is the most important. Get a true and honest assessment of yourself - from others, from yourself, from their dreams. Your dreams are particularly useful for this purpose, because they can be more honest and true than anyone else. Try this method, for example, over the next month. Relate your every dream with your trading. Do not worry about how to interpret dreams - no matter. It is important to combine these two areas (dreams and trading) in your mind. Just keep the voltage between the images in dreams and trading, not trying to solve anything.

The poet John Keats, first described this method of problem resolution, calling it "negative capability." He was referring to the ability to keep things in the mind, not trying to force a decision. Remain in a state of ambiguity, uncertainty, inequality, paradox, etc., just to support them.

Supporting them in the course of time, you give yourself the opportunity to experience something deeper in their perception and experience something which is relevant to the decision. That through the efforts of consciousness, or attempts to interpret you just can not get it.

Thus, the destruction of privacy, the written confession and "negative capability" - these are the basic steps that you need to do to overcome paralysis. As the problems of trading are a reflection of the problems that you face in other respects, the decision will definitely help them in life. Always remember that the true purpose of overcoming the psychological and emotional problems in trading more than profit. Goal - increase your confidence in the power of your mind. If you apprehend it seriously and will do it all - then you're on the way to address the most serious problems in trading.