On intraday trading, or scalp as it is

This article - the result of many years of observation and personal practice of the author when trading in the market FOREX. This article was prepared specially for the "Currency speculator."


This paper describes the author's new system of intraday trading. The system is based on traditional indicators and their combination. While the system is recommended for traders dealing with the minimum deposit or with little experience, it can be successfully used to obtain a fairly substantial profits and knowledgeable investors. Following the system of intra-day trading, you can with a high degree of accuracy to find the entry point at the conclusion of transactions and exit point at the closing of the market FOREX. This trading method primarily affects the interests of the investors who do not have sufficient initial capital, but they have a great desire to try his hand in the market FOREX.

During the initial stage of work - a year and a half - a trader needs to develop (at least in the "raw") trade strategy. I am convinced that it does not require much intelligence, but only on observation, perseverance and self-control, which, by the way, and allows traders (especially with a small deposit) does not lose the original capital.

For those who want to try their hand at this particular activity, the proposed method of making ready for opening and closing of positions.

The new technique has been seen intraday trading many years of experience with various financial instruments. Using this system of trade, you can make a profit on transactions more often than losses.

Goals and objectives of the method

Let's consider some important points that are included in the basis of the trading system "Technique-trading." This system intraday trading allows traders as accurately locate the entry point at the conclusion of transactions and exit point at the closing of the market FOREX.

This trading system can work with relatively small deposits ($ 1,000-2,000), and if her flawless compliance ensures a steady income with minimal losses. This assumes major decisions on the 5 - and 1-minute chart, of course, with a preliminary analysis of all previous timelines, from day. Analysis of the weekly and monthly charts in this method is not required. This trading system is considered to be quite tough and requires the trader to an equal degree of patience, perseverance, discipline, and significant increased concentration.

The indicators used

The trading system "Technique-trading", the following indicators. The system of "Parabolic" (hereinafter Parabolic) with periods of 0.02. Parabolic basically gives true signals during a trend, and often false signals during lateral movement of prices. Simple Moving Average (hereinafter CC) with a period of 4, 9, 18 and 65 - give signals a "golden cross", "dead cross". The first three SS can determine the horizontal movement or trend in the price chart. SS with the period 65 - trend in intraday trading. MACD with the values of the exponential average of 12, 26, 9 to determine the beginning of the sale or purchase, the closing of open positions, as well as divergence and convergence. RSI with period 9 defines the priority shows oversold / overbought, gives signals of divergence and convergence. Stochastic Slow (hereinafter S.Stochastic) 14 period shows oversold / overbought, determines the time of purchase or sale, as well as divergence and convergence. DMI with period 7, as a filter SAR confirms or refutes his statements.