Mutual funds and online trading - that common?

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Every second, more or less enlightened man, and if do not know exactly the mechanism of attachment and the principles of mutual funds, mutual funds and share words heard for sure. Talk about the same popularity of online trading is not necessary. Shares of mutual funds are now considered one of the most affordable investment instruments. If you walk a few blocks in the city or read a couple of pages of financial publications, be sure to come across an advertisement or information about mutual funds. Login with Facebook in mutual funds have begun to invest even financially cautious people. In contrast, in a poll of 2005, most of the owners of Internet access do not consider online trading as a source of additional revenue, 30% of respondents do not know anything about online trading, and 45% - are simply not interested in what you can earn on the stock exchange through the Internet.

However, mutual funds and online trading almost twins: in fact, and in another case, the investor receives income from securities transactions (most often - with stocks and bonds). Recall the services in detail.

Online Trading - modern technology, which allows you to manage your money, buy and sell securities over the internet. Through specially created for this purpose software is granted the possibility of remote access to trading. Real is making deals on all trading floors in a mode on-line, and the speed of execution of transactions and information provision is similar to that have a professional stock market participants.

Unit Investment Fund (SIF) is an integrated tool that citizens and legal entities collectively in trust management company licensed for profit. The share of such individuals shall be certified by the security - investment share.

So, mutual funds and online trading - is:

- Work with the Securities

- Investment instrument

- The ability to make a profit on the difference in value of a security for a certain time period.

However, if the online trading their existence must "new" technologies - the internet itself, the mutual funds in this modern fast-growing field started to move only recently.

Every year on the stock market increasingly favorable conditions for public involvement in the investment process. Over the past five years has made a significant democratization in the securities market. Strong incentives in this process were, on the one hand, the promotion of mutual funds and, on the other hand, the spread of the Internet.

During 2005 the number of shareholders in Russia increased by 43%. However, the appeal of shares significantly hampered. In regions of relatively few items to sell them, because they are mainly concentrated in Moscow and several other cities. For example, to buy shares of the mutual fund managed by the capital of the management company, often have to travel to Moscow, if the company does not have a branch in your area. Existing workflow and acquisition of shares scheme as simple and not time consuming. You can, of course, to sit and wait to change the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, or until the operating companies will significantly expand its regional network. But there is another way - buy and sell shares online. Moreover, that the management of their personal finances through online systems is becoming the worldwide standard.

This opportunity provides not all companies. Pleasant exception - "Aton-Line." Now with the help of internet trading "Aton-Line" can be in the same place on their own to acquire not only the shares of major Russian companies, but the shares of different management companies. All this can be done through a computer with internet access in the comfort of home!

Through a system of online trading "Aton-Line" distance from the seller to the buyer of shares is reduced to the click "mouse" (pressing a button). In "Aton-Line" you can buy or sell shares of mutual funds of different management companies. You are given an opportunity, not a spending and long journeys that malicious, self-evaluation of risks and buy units of the fund, which you like best. To do this, just visit the site Agree that it is very convenient!

Also, if you have ceased to satisfy yield obtained by the units of the purchased, you can always not only to sell them, but you have an opportunity to immediately buy another share, the more beneficial to your mind. Main advantages: efficiency and lack of red tape. Besides, all your transactions "Aton-Line" defend your individual digital signature.

It is important that in the "Aton-Line" are interested not only real and potential shareholders, and management companies. Currently, the management companies operate on a "strike while the iron is hot" and tend to attract more shareholders. To this end, they offer both new types of funds, and are trying to increase the liquidity of the market of collective investments. For this trade shares transferred to the stock exchanges. So, in 2003, the first exchange trades shares and established the first index mutual fund, focused on profitability MICEX index.

Funds go to the convergence of the stock market, only in the Internet-trading "Aton-Line" you can simultaneously make a purchase / sale of shares as well as shares of mutual funds. You will be able to independently monitor the situation on the stock market and changes in the value of other securities in real time. Moreover, if you will not be for some time to trade, such as shares - went on vacation or long trip, all of your money you can "pass" in the hands of professional managers, buying shares. They, in turn, will do to shift your investments in the most safe and liquid instruments.

With "Aton-Line", you get the opportunity every day to control your money. Track on a computer monitor as your capital grows and, if necessary, will start to sell securities.

Shares of mutual funds and online trading, because of the "Aton-Line" is now, as they say in the advertisement, "in one bottle."