The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and royal trillion

All the documents of running around, cameras Gryannika A. and J. Dergausova shine, try to find out, but do not give the champions Anastasia.

- Excuse me, but that I am responsible for what I will write on the case of the royal trillion - Asks I bezdokumentalistov latter-day historians, - how can you present unsubstantiated claims to the States?

- Look what wanted! - They are genuinely outraged - all his serve immediately, no one wants to work, you - a journalist, and you dig it, organize journalistic investigation.

Clearly, there are no documents, but there are trillions of lime and a great desire to help the motherland, for which no fantasies do not mind ...

- By the way - I turn to the south Dergausovu - at the press conference, you mentioned the two trillion dollars, could you comment on what kind of money?

Statements by representatives of the Fund's total just struck me earlier. For comparison, we can see that many of the capitalization of stock markets in Germany, France and Italy combined. Or one-third of the bank assets of the euro area, or one-sixth of the assets of the U.S. banking system.

Where did the royal family could be $ 2 trillion if the Russian Empire at the time barely making ends meet, had chronic budget deficits and ever borrowed in France?

- This is the U.S. debt under the agreement on the establishment of the Federal Reserve, we counted over ninety years - said Dergausov.

That's the mystery of the royal trillion! Couple lovers round numbers resorted to the calculator, and the result - States should Russia substantial part of their welfare.

- What do you think the U.S. debt, you have indexed it for inflation? - I tried to find out.

- No, if we had taken for inflation, would have been an incredible amount, we counted through the basket - is responsible A. Gryannik.

Well, that fellow "Grand Princess" fine sense of proportion! Really, do not rob a poor Americans to the bone.

- But the consumer price index, which is estimated by inflation, just calculated based on the consumption basket - no stopping me.

- No, you obviously do not understand anything! - Loses his Gryannik. - We told you clearly, the calculations are based on your shopping cart, and it consists of goods ...

Economists argue with the inventors did not want me, and that was our conversation ended.

The old woman slowly ...

The picture was absolutely clear. Group of state officials and amateur historians gathered to collect royal legacy left after the Romanovs. This is not a scam and not a fairy tale of Cinderella, as I thought before. Project members really believe that the United States should us trillions.

Some are attracted by the opportunity to show off on television, and other pseudo-patriotic ideas entail, third attracts greed. Whole company with excitement rushed after golden dream. Bureaucratic old-fashioned, with which they approach the repatriation of the royal money, typical of local authorities. What sane person seems absurd to people standing close to the government, is the normal workflow. So write the laws, "they rule" country, but now the chase royal treasures. Not trillions, of course, much less remains of Nicholas II abroad, this one does not argue.

But for the money "lay hands" owner needs - the successor of the Romanovs. And at such a tempting thing any old for the role of Princess is always there.


Interview with "Sun" with the ex-chairman of the State Bank of the USSR VV Dementsevym of "lost" Russian money abroad

"BC": What do you think of the royal money abroad?

VD: The fact that a large share of the money of the Romanovs is abroad, is well known. This money belongs to the family of the Romanovs, their heirs and to our state. Recently, thanks to the work of many specialists have been pulled into the world lists some banking institutions that continue to keep the king's money. The main question is - how to get them back. A number of states have already recognized the fact of keeping money in the accounts of the Romanov Western banks.

"BC": Which countries do you mean?

VD: For example, the United States. But they are talking about small amounts, so that money no hiding. Recently, at the king's money began to "worry" in France, especially after the recognition by the Russian Government Debt of the Russian Empire to France. Among the holders of money Romanov Switzerland ... it will be possible to recover the funds only if the state authorities show the necessary perseverance. On this task now works several groups, and in their work, there are many obstacles. First of all, banks require evidence, whether it is money Romanov ... No less interesting is the question of Soviet money.

"BC": Please tell us in detail.

VD: On the money the party a lot of talk, but talk is not enough depth. Money placed abroad is not as portfolio investment, but as cash. These were the "free money."

"BC": What do you mean? The money went to the West as loans, participation in the share capital or something else?

VD: 'Free money' were money without committing to any particular one owner. They were kept in the accounts of the individual or by the code names, in numbered accounts. Now these accounts remain frozen because funds are requested from them or have no affiliation. What will be the return of Soviet money? Again, it all depends on those involved in the cases.