25 Rules trader: Mantra to work on discipline

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In all the years that I have been trading and communicate with traders, I have never had to meet a successful speculator. It is impossible to speculate and to constantly make big profitable trades. Does not speculate. Be a trader.

The answer here - short scalping. When you trade in kratkosroke - small gains and losses are even smaller - the probability of a profitable day or week is much higher.


This rule is very strong reaction. Traders ask: "How is it like to lose money. Yes you crazy? "

No, I'm not mad. Here we have in mind the following: You have to take for granted the fact that some of your transactions will be losses. Trades need to be closed immediately. Enjoy close unprofitable transaction without delay. So you will save a huge trading capital and will become a much better trader.

16 If the number on a particular timeframe the trade is not working in any of the parties, it is time to close it.

This rule applies to the theory of capital. The market moves in one direction or another by merchant capital. Excess or imbalance of buy orders will move the market up. Excess of sell orders will move down market.

When prices stagnate (and this often happens in the course of the trading session), the market and its participants give us to understand that at this point everyone is happy the current prices of supply and demand.

At a time in the market is better not to enter. He just does not go anywhere. This is a waste of time, capital and emotional energy. More profitable to wait for the market to warm up a bit and only then make a deal.

№ 17 NEVER bring the case to a big loss. Only the largest "moose" can hurt your score.

Make sure all the rules № 5, 8, 10, 11 and 15. If you follow these rules, we will never break rule number 17.

Big "moose" prevent you end the day in positive territory. Once they destroy many small scale income on which you panting all day. Big "moose" as "kill" you with the psychological and emotional point of view. After such a blow confidence is restored, usually very long.

№ 18 EARN little every day. TRENCH dig YOURSELF Do not let them fall off.

When I was a young trader, set himself the task - to make the day of 10 ticks on the market of Treasury bonds (bonds). One tick - that's $ 31.25, or 10 ticks - that's $ 312.50.

For you it is, perhaps, a little bit, but for me at that time it was big money. My teacher, David Goldberg, once said that if I'm going to do with 10 ticks every day, by the end of the year will earn $ 72,500. Was 1982 the first year, and for the 23-year old boy, it was a crazy amount of money.

You will be surprised how quickly will increase the expense, if every day you will earn on a drop. If the trade E-mini S & P you are a beginner, then try to earn at least 5.6 points per day. If you can not work like this, by the end of the year your account will increase by $ 72,000.

№ 19 do not count on big win.

I never met a successful speculators, but I was not lucky to meet a trader who offers a deal with the expectation of a big win and eventually gets it. Do not treat the transaction as a potential big win. Sometimes they come across, but more often the reason is luck, not skill trader.