Trade rules will ensure your success

53. Typical mistakes traders are divided into: a) trading without a good reason, and b) trade, which relies more nA intuition rather than facts, and c) do not relate to trade and capital.

54. "I prefer a short position, because usually there is less competition." This is incorrect - position, as a rule, should be long.

55. The fatal mistake that can make a trader - fixing small profit. This - the result of limited vision. Extremes always seem nonsense "reasonable" people.

56. Trade only when it suggests a fundamental analysis. Use graphs to support his speculation. Keep track of the time of entry and exit.

57. Believe in the fact that the "big move" is possible - be prepared for the beginning. Have the courage to participate in it, relax, mentally and physically, let your revenues increase, and losses reduced.

58. Dream bigger, think of a high. Very few people truly set themselves high goals. Man becomes what he thinks about during the day.

59. Trading - an art with fear as the greatest of sins and getting rid of it as the biggest mistake. This art is a failure to take a step on the way to victory.

60. Are you lost? Quickly forget about it. If you are in profit, forget about it quickly. Do not let your greed, and I get the better of thinking and hard work.

61. To understand the characteristics of a bull market are: a) the fundamental bullish situation, and b) the desire of speculators to buy c) market sentiment either guard or go for promotion.

62. Always remember that the market is illusory at the weather, with a high level of price volatility and it is very difficult to control. Predicting the weather a few days ahead unreliable.

63. Nothing can be changed in the past day. When one door closes, another opens. The best opportunity is almost always waiting at the open door.

64. For trader innermost secret: share your wishes with the behavior of the market. Market reflects reality, since it considers all the forces. As long as the trader is aware of this, he's safe. When the trader ignores this truth, he loses.

65. Sometimes there are changes that can make you rich.

66. Beware of the "disease of fools" (ie, no waiting transactions that - are you sure - 100% to be profitable). Never allow yourself to believe that you can be 100% sure of something.

67. Well-known fundamentals - unwanted data.

68. The main trends are rarely broken, unless the market goes against the trend for more than three days.

69. Constantly and daily collect the following information. Defense: a) available funds, and b) the margin of loss, c) main body, d) the net purchasing power, and e) the calculated risk of an open position, e) the percentage of equity in trade. Offensive information: a) the potential profit, and b) the potential loss, and c) the required margin, d) index gains / losses, and e) a value profit / margin, e) the degree of confidence.

70. Much faster start trading than to get out of it.

71. If the market does not do what you'd expect, and you are tired of waiting - better leave.