Very large Yuan

Private banks have received from the government the authorization of the exchange of notes. After confirming the success of the experiment in 1023, the government announced a monopoly on this type of activity. It began to issue banknotes of various denominations with the press, the right to notifying them of walking for three years. The people called bills <flying money> - bills easily carried away by the wind. Banknotes provides the appropriate amount of precious metals and published in at least 6 colors with a few cliches.

In 1799, Jacob Perkins patented a method of engraving for printing paper money. The gist was that, instead of simple ornaments were invited to engrave complex artistic compositions. The money was much more difficult to forge. This method is called <American system>. Cried all the countries that found the panacea for counterfeiters, and to take urgent enter <American system> in action. I do not know what would have happened with Mr. Perkins, if he saw a Chinese banknote XII century ... In order to deal with fakes, to print money by the Chinese in the same century, was used special paper with the inclusion of different fibers - raw materials for them were the bark of the mulberry tree and silk .

Money demand frying

But the state itself abused printing banknotes, unsecured, and the result was a monstrous inflation. Tang Empire perished in the flames of peasant uprisings and civil war. North China was conquered first Khitan, then chzhurdzhenyami, but in their states, they used a Chinese administration and Chinese money. In the south of the kingdom survived the Chinese Song Dynasty. In 1209, the state collapsed chzhurdzheney Mongols.

And thanks lii Chu tsayu, kidaninu in Mongolia service, managed to avoid the tragedy of mass terror. Lii Chu-tsai found the right words. He appealed not to humanity, and to greed. Why destroy those who can generate income? The population was covered huge taxes. China's economy was in decline. For tax collection requires at least relative order in the country. Need administration-organized economy, money circulation. Mongols reintroduced infamous paper notes. It was at this time in China and visited by Marco Polo, fixing such a curiosity, as paper money.

It was originally supposed to provide them with gold and silver, but then decided, better to take out precious metals as prey. Paper money was secured with silk. Referred to as the <silk money>. But silk was exported in large quantities invaders. Marco Polo mentioned in his notes one more kind of amazing money - of salt. Saline solution was boiled in cauldrons to doughy state, then from it molded bars, and then earmark the emperor. The money gained due to the hardness of treatment, its Advanced <roasted> on hot tiles. At about the same time began to exist and tea money - compressed bricks of tea. Collapse of the economy always gets back to subsistence farming. Taxes collected by the Mongols grain.

Passions around <white death>