What to do when things go from bad to worse?

As we know, most traders go broke. The reasons are simple. Lack of a plan, a method, a poor money-management, nesledovanie method etc. But the basis of all these reasons, almost always purely psychological. Education, learning methods can help to overcome the problems, only 50% of following method. The rest are in the field of personal psychology, and they will face each trader.

A few simple tips

Here are some simple tips that can help you.
1. Use the audio capabilities of your computer to receive signals on the achievement of goals or stop.
2. Each day provides a report on the results of the day your partner or anyone else. Do not hold your transaction confidential. Be sure to tell anyone about them.
3. Think of the report form on the transaction and must fill it for all transactions for the day. The more items and details in the report - the better. This, of course, to do after the close of the market. Every day, many traders spend quite absurd amount of time for any kind of analysis (rather, guessing). You get so much more useful if instead reflect and analyze your own problems in trading.
4. If you can, try to verbally express your concerns to someone. Such an expression of great help. Most of us instinctively try to hide things from strangers. They say that it is our failure, things that leave a sense of humiliation and shame, so as to put us in a vulnerable position to the outside world. That is why it is important, on the contrary, try to do all the problems open.
5. Be sure to review all of their transactions in terms of the following method. Your goal - to have no more than 10% of transactions in violation of the method. This is a very good result, can be proud of even highly successful trader (of course, all these numbers are approximate, but they are enough to try to objectively assess your level). You get 15-50% - can significantly improve the results in trading, if you can find ways to more strictly adhere to the chosen method. It is also a signal that this method may not be quite right for you. In any case, you need to sit down and think. If you got 50% and more - you have a serious problem and you need to act immediately. You see, with this indicator you at full speed, aiming to ruin.

Remember one more very important thing. Money should never be the goal, the focus of your trading. It sounds, perhaps wildly, but ... By focusing on the money, you're focusing on the wrong target object. Your focus needs to be focused on the development of the inevitability of your actions in response to signals from the selected method. All focus only on the money, and it's completely wrong. If you are acting on the basis of signals from the selected method - the money will come later. This is one of the few good qualities of money. Why it is so critically important to know what and why you are trading. If your answer is money - you are bound to lose. Deytreyding - it's a beautiful thing, it's interesting and exciting ways. Probably the only job in the world, able to bring together many of the moral and material satisfaction. But, as the Americans say boring, no pain no gain. And in trading this very pain (pain) is enough for all and in abundance.