Where the roots of success, and what constitutes success

Practically every issue "BC" writes about the psychological preparation of traders. How to improve yourself? How to learn not to give vent to their emotions? These questions are of many of our readers. In his letters, responses they offer new, proven in individual work practices.

Publishing the letter of our reader, the editors "BC" are invited to join a conversation all those interested in the psychology of trading problems.

And should you like this?

One of the fundamental provisions of the success in any activity - the correct definition of its purpose. Before you get involved in something, try to feel, to understand, and why do you do it all, whether it is for you? And specifically, not abstract.

If we talk about the financial markets, the formulation of goals like "I want to be rich," "a lot of money", "earn decently", "catch up and overtake Bill Gates," etc. not suitable. Again - why have a lot of money, why be rich? With this you need to decide from the beginning. What is your mission in this * your earthly life, as you understand it?

In contrast to the error when opening a position when considering "profits" of the transaction is, where and how much you spend - here to answer all the questions before the start of the financial market. And better in writing. You can not show anyone, because all this inner work - this is just for you personally.

Exercise 1. Choose a time when you have nothing to distract, will not have to hurry - the best in nature. Take a paper and write down one by one the ten events that you think are most important for your whole life, then ten in the last five years, and then in the last year (they can be repeated). Based on this, try to understand your priorities in life and aspirations. Of course, it will be cut at the moment, and you will be required attention and detachment in order to minimize the influence of momentary mood, someone's influence and so on. Formulate and write down your mission in life, as you understand it. Try to specifically highlight one thing, the most sacred and important to you. For someone it can be to raise a child, to find a friendly family, to achieve a certain status in society (be it politics, art, business, service career, etc.), to discover something significant in science, becoming an outstanding athlete, someone - to reach high spiritual enlightenment or to live quietly and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and more.

One comment. Do not put yourself internal barriers! Write down any idea, no matter how unbelievable and unattainable it may seem to you. Not clipped his wings in advance, for the majority of barriers - in your head. But working with the self-restrictions - is a topic for another conversation. And now, in the light of all this, the answer to your question: "Is there a place in your mission work in the financial markets, we need a trading you, and what you consider a success in life?".

If there is no space, then all further to my letter to you is not as important ...