Dealing English

In all other cases, the use of a date does not fall on a pretext. For example:
* The bonds go XD on May 5. - The bonds will lose the right to receive a dividend on May 5.
The absence of a preposition. This is characteristic of expressions such as:
* This year - this year, last year - last year, next month - in the next month, this fall - this fall, which performs the function of the circumstances of the proposal.

This determines the order of words - the demiurge English sentence. For example:
* This fall was successful - this fall has been successful (this fall - the subject, and is not an excuse to be)
* The firm was successful this fall - this company has flourished this fall (this fall - fact and no excuse here is the reality of the modern English language).

The use of the preposition at in figures

Excuse when used at just before digit value is "at such a level," or "in such and such a price." For example:
* On the Matif French government bond futures showed little change, with the March contract 0.02 points firmer at 120.50. - At the Paris Bourse for the French bond futures changed little, and March contracts firmed two basis points at 120.50.
* The dollar was at 106.91 yen down from 108.08 yen. - The dollar was at 106.91 yen, down from 108.08 yen.
* The stock is trading at 94, well off its high of 107 in August. - This stock is trading at 94 cents, well below its peak of 107 percent in August.

Preposition at when used in expressions at a rate of, at a clip of value is "speed," "with the pace." For example:
* Since the first quarter of 1999 factory output has risen at an annual rate of 2.7%. - From the first quarter of 1999, the annual growth rate of production at the plant was 2.7%.

Pretext of

Pretext of links precede and follow-up number. For example:
* Credit of $ 200 m - a loan amounting to $ 200 million; to the value of ... - to the value of ...
* Intraday low of ... - intra-day low at ... (on currency exchange rates)
* At the highest of 107.11 - the highest level of 107.11;
* General Motors beat expectations with a net profit of $ 1.3 billion, Chrysler declared a record profit of $ 680 m; and Ford clocked up $ 686. - GM has exceeded expectations of net profit in the amount of $ 1.3 billion, Chrysler announced a record profit of 680 million dollars, and Ford clocked 686 million

It can be used in complex structures like of up to:
* GM is expected to ask for damages of up to $ 4 billion. - It is expected that General Motors will demand compensation in the amount of $ 4 billion

Here in the design «damages of $ 4 billion» consumed combination «up to», having clarifying nature. Instead of «up to» may be other units: «over», «under», «nearly». So that the two degrees of freedom are independent of one another.

Excuse to

Excuse to algoritmiziruet later numbers as an upper or lower limit:
* Rose to $ 1 million; fell to $ 1 million. This value is often used in combination with adverbs up and down: up to $ 1 m / down to $ 1 m.